Written by Irvin l. Rozier

This is part of a message I preached onrepparttar radio in 1994.

The other day, I was picking up pecans. I picked up one pecan that was especially beautiful...the shell was perfect,repparttar 136967 coloring was was so pretty. I decided to crack it open and eat it. Imagine my disappointment when I cracked that beautiful (onrepparttar 136968 outside) pecan open and there was nothing inside but a little rotten kernel. A few days before, I heard a man talking about a 45 year old Vietnam veteran that lived in a small town inrepparttar 136969 Midwest. Seems like he was a war hero. he had medals all over his fact, at ceremonies, they would call on him to speak. Some ofrepparttar 136970 older veterans became suspicious of him, and did some checking on his background. They found out he had never joinedrepparttar 136971 Army!

Why Cardinal Ratzinger Chose the Name Pope Benedict XVI

Written by Henry Yao

Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger was elected torepparttar papal throne on April 19, 2005,repparttar 136905 second day ofrepparttar 136906 conclave. He chose to be known henceforth as Pope Benedict XVI. The cardinal from Germany isrepparttar 136907 265th pope inrepparttar 136908 Catholic Church history.

But whyrepparttar 136909 name Benedict? We have long been accustomed to having a pope named John, or Paul, or a combination thereof. In fact, quite many catholics today have known only one pope in their lifetime. Well, at least beforerepparttar 136910 late Pope John Paul II passed away and Pope Benedict XVI came along. Some, though, who are much older have also known Pope John Paul I and Pope Paul VI. A few lucky ones can even remember as far back as Pope John XXIII,repparttar 136911 smiling pope who initiatedrepparttar 136912 Second Vatican Council inrepparttar 136913 early 1960's.

Why Benedict? In his first general audience held in St. Peter's Square,repparttar 136914 Pope explained that he choserepparttar 136915 name Benedict XVI as a link to Benedict XV,repparttar 136916 Italian pope who guidedrepparttar 136917 Church duringrepparttar 136918 turbulent era ofrepparttar 136919 First World War. Pope Benedict XV tried many times, though unsuccessfuly, to negotiate peace amongrepparttar 136920 warring nations. He organized significant humanitarian efforts to guaranteerepparttar 136921 well-being and freedom of people affected byrepparttar 136922 war.

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