Quick steps to find out what you want to do with your life.

Written by Edward W. Smith

How To Find Out What You Want To Do With Your Life.

Knowing what you like to do and then finding someone to pay you for it isrepparttar key to happiness.

Motivational Speaker, Author and TV show host, Edward W. Smith, who specializes in quick tips on how to move your life ahead even faster, offers this advice on how to find out what you love to do

This isrepparttar 144735 "manila envelope" technique. Obtain a manila envelope, notepad and pen and carry it with you throughoutrepparttar 144736 day. Each time you see something that interests you, find a way to save it inrepparttar 144737 envelope. Rip things out of publications, print things offrepparttar 144738 web, make notes on your pad, whatever, but preserverepparttar 144739 thought in some way and put it inrepparttar 144740 manila envelope. Don't edit or censor your thoughts, if it interests you, put it inrepparttar 144741 folder. Nothing is too silly or out of bounds in any way. Atrepparttar 144742 end ofrepparttar 144743 day, saverepparttar 144744 manila envelope and start a new one forrepparttar 144745 next day.


Written by Bo Jeune-Fille

COMPANIES do not KNOW HOW TO MAKE HERBAL FORMULAS without BULK VITAMINS and MINERALS! There is a trend onrepparttar market mixing herbs with different ingredients also calledrepparttar 144734 'fillers'. Seriously, just look onrepparttar 144735 label most Supplements are mixed with herbs... Why? To make those products more attractive for you. Extra Vitamins, Minerals and other 'goodies' are purchased as a bulk. So, when you readrepparttar 144736 label you see a long list... yes? THE UGLY TRUTH IS OUT... Minerals are striped of fromrepparttar 144737 sea-salt and from other sea vegetables. Often, man-made synthetic Vitamins and Minerals are added to your supplements and Health Foods. GENERIC/Synthetic Vitamins and Minerals are inexpensive to make, just as generic drugs. One thing those companies do not understand that HERBS should NEVER be mixed together with isolated Vitamins and Minerals. NEVER! Bulk products are often not fresh, different product can have a different exp. date andrepparttar 144738 worse what can happen, when herbs are mixed with them. Herbs are especially sensitive to air exposure so, beforerepparttar 144739 final product is ready herbs are not as potent. Q: WHY HERBS ARE MIXED WITH OTHER INGREDIENTS? There is only ONE answer to this question: It is not easy to make herbal supplement that works! So, companies are adding other by-products to increase their effectiveness. Herbs are smart, they know what to do, and inrepparttar 144740 right hands they are transformed intorepparttar 144741 work of ART. Herbs works best inrepparttar 144742 combination - just as gourmet dish...

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