Quick and Dirty Guide to Wood Flooring

Written by MJ Plaster

If you've always longed for hardwood floors, you're in good company. While soft wooden floors date back torepparttar Colonial era, hardwood floors first burst onrepparttar 100405 scene inrepparttar 100406 late 17th century. If you only know that you want hardwood floors gracing your home, read this quick and dirty guide so that your head won't spin when you talk with your contractor. This ten-minute read will guide you throughrepparttar 100407 basics of wood species, grades, types and styles.

Wood Species

With over 50 wood species available for wood flooring, red oak accounts for more than 50% of hard wood flooring sales. Its popularity stems from its elegance, durability and cost-effectiveness. Maple ranks second in popularity for new wood flooring. Newer trends indicate a growing appetite for bamboo, cherry, and white oak. Some ofrepparttar 100408 more esoteric imported woods used in hardwood floors include Brazilian cherry, Australian cypress, African padauk, and Burmese teak.

Color options are plentiful. If color is a priority, and you wantrepparttar 100409 natural beauty ofrepparttar 100410 wood to shine through, select a wood species that most closely matches your color preference.

Wood Grades

Grade refers only torepparttar 100411 beauty ofrepparttar 100412 wood, not to its durability or serviceability. Not every grade applies to every wood species. A wood species is graded as Clear, Select or Common, or it is graded as First, Second or Third. Clear/First, Select/Second, Common/Third grades are not identical, but they are close enough to present a shared consumer definition. The six basic wood grades include:

 Clear or First – free from most visible defects and discoloration, contains only minor visible imperfections  Select or Second – may contain slight imperfections, such as color variations  Common or Third – contains knots and color variations, often classified as "rustic" wood

Solid vs. Engineered Wood

Many people believe that hardwood and solid wood are synonymous. They're not. If you're hearingrepparttar 100413 term engineered wood forrepparttar 100414 first time, you most likely think that it is somehow inferior to solid wood. That's not necessarily true.

5 Ways To Decorate Your Kitchen On A Budget

Written by Lee Dobbins

Getting a kitchen remake can be tough on your bank account, but there are some ways that you can give your kitchen a whole new look even if you are on a tight budget. These 5 decorating tips won’t breakrepparttar bank but will have a lot of impact onrepparttar 100404 way your kitchen looks.

1.Spruce it up with paint.

Paint hasrepparttar 100405 biggest bang forrepparttar 100406 buck when redecorating any room and especially forrepparttar 100407 kitchen. It’s fairly inexpensive and easy to use and can changerepparttar 100408 whole look ofrepparttar 100409 room in a day! You can use paint to update worn out cabinets as well as adding a new look to your walls. If you are adventurous, you can even try some faux painting to give your wallsrepparttar 100410 look of old world plaster or marble. Your local home improvement store probably gives lessons in this for free.

2.New hardware and knobs.

While this may cost you a bit more than paint, replacing your cabinet hardware and knobs can make a huge difference inrepparttar 100411 look of your kitchen. There’s tons of different styles and colors to choose from – everything from a 1930’s glass drawer pull to knobs styled like modern aluminum kitchen utensils. If you are planning on redecorating your kitchen, you might want to look at knobs first – you might find a style or color that gives yourepparttar 100412 inspiration forrepparttar 100413 whole room!

3. Put Up A Border

A wallpaper border is easy work and can make a drastic change without putting much or a dent in your kitchen decorating budget. Sometimes you can even find a pleasing pattern inrepparttar 100414 discontinued bin for little money. Just make sure there is enough to paperrepparttar 100415 area you want before you bring it home! If you don’t like any ofrepparttar 100416 paper borders, find a stencil that you like and use that –repparttar 100417 cost of paint for this will be minimal. A traditional place for a border is arepparttar 100418 top ofrepparttar 100419 wall next torepparttar 100420 ceiling, but it can also look nice at chair rail height and also as a backsplash above your kitchen countertops.

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