Quick Tip - Effective Meetings Have a Complete Agenda

Written by Steve Kaye

Most agendas for a meeting look like this.

* Budget

* Payroll

* Staff

* Sales

* Vutszxtn

Some people would tell me, "That's a perfectly good agenda. I know what all of those things mean, except, uh, 'vutszxtn'." The point is, vutszxtn means as much to you asrepparttar other terms mean torepparttar 136694 other participants. For example, does budget mean increaserepparttar 136695 budget? Plan a budget? Report onrepparttar 136696 budget? Reducerepparttar 136697 budget? Complain aboutrepparttar 136698 budget? Make fun ofrepparttar 136699 budget? Or what?

An agenda likerepparttar 136700 one above could launch a meeting that considers all ofrepparttar 136701 possibilities mentioned above. Instead, you may have wanted to reallocate funds from one department to another.

A proper agenda specifies everything thatrepparttar 136702 participants need to know to makerepparttar 136703 meeting effective. It should contain:

Why Training Fails

Written by Steve Kaye

Sometimes when I conduct my workshop on Effective Meetings, one ofrepparttar participants will ask, "Where's my boss?"

And I say, "Your boss claimed to be an expert on holding effective meetings."

Thenrepparttar 136693 person laughs. "My boss needs to attend your workshop more than anyone in our company. And without our manager's support, no one will use this."

This is bad because if no one usesrepparttar 136694 ideas presented in a workshop,repparttar 136695 client will conclude that training doesn't work. And thenrepparttar 136696 company might abandon all training.

Here are three important issues that determinerepparttar 136697 effectiveness of training.

1) People followrepparttar 136698 leader. Any training program will be more successful if management supports it. This is why I always involve top executives in planning my workshops. I also ask them to attend. And I recommend follow-up sessions to reviewrepparttar 136699 material covered inrepparttar 136700 workshop. In fact, I only work with people who value and support learning.

Training has earned a bad reputation because many programs were just thrown overrepparttar 136701 fence at employees who were sent to be fixed. Itís unlikely that any training program conducted under these conditions will accomplish much.

Key Point: Gain management support before scheduling any training program.

2) Each of us has control over our area of responsibility. And each of us lives inrepparttar 136702 environment that we create.

The participant mentioned above can conduct effective meetings, even if top management continues to hold bad meetings. In fact, someone who demonstrates sound leadership by holding effective meetings could end up replacingrepparttar 136703 boss who holds bad meetings.

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