Quick Tip - Effective Meetings Earn a Profit

Written by Steve Kaye

Most people treat meetings as a free resource that can be used to deal with any issue. As a result, huge amounts of time and money are wasted on trivia.

A meeting is a business activity (not a social event) and should be designed to earn a profit. Here’s how.

Once you’ve preparedrepparttar goals for your meetings, userepparttar 136688 following analysis to planrepparttar 136689 agenda.

1) Calculaterepparttar 136690 cost ofrepparttar 136691 meeting by multiplyingrepparttar 136692 number of participants (N), their labor rate (R), andrepparttar 136693 length ofrepparttar 136694 meeting (t). Then add all other expenses (E), including travel, materials, refreshments, room rental, and other expenses.

Cost = N * R * t + E

2) Estimaterepparttar 136695 value ofrepparttar 136696 results expected fromrepparttar 136697 meeting.

For some issues this step will be easy. Resolving a manufacturing inefficiency, for example, could save thousands of dollars. Or developing an effective strategic plan could earn millions.

Quick Tip - Effective Meetings Begin With a Goal

Written by Steve Kaye

Goals are critically important forrepparttar success of a meeting. You must know what you want so you can ask for it. Andrepparttar 136687 participants need to know what you want so they can help you get it. Without goals, a meeting becomes a journey without a destination.

Unfortunately, many meetings are called without goals. So, you hear people start meetings by saying, “Well, what do you want to talk about?” This is similar to walking into a factory and asking, “Well, what do you want to make?” You could end up with anything from ant farms to xylophones.

Thus, your first step is to write out a statement ofrepparttar 136688 results that you want to have byrepparttar 136689 end ofrepparttar 136690 meeting. I want to emphasize that you must write outrepparttar 136691 goals forrepparttar 136692 meeting. This forces you to define exactly what you want. Certainly, if you’re unable to express your goals on paper, you can expect to have difficultly explaining what you want torepparttar 136693 attendees.

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