Quick System Restore with ASR Backups

Written by Linus Chang

ASR (Automated System Recovery) is a feature available onrepparttar Windows XP Pro and Windows Server 2003 operating systems for quick and efficient system backup and restore.

Typically,repparttar 136929 restore process involves reinstallingrepparttar 136930 operating system and configuring all physical storage to their original settings before restoring data and settings. Rebuildingrepparttar 136931 system in this way is a time-consuming and often problematic task, causing many headaches for administrators and technical staff.

ASR significantly automatesrepparttar 136932 process of rebuildingrepparttar 136933 system, thus allowing you to fully restore your system quickly and efficiently inrepparttar 136934 event of an emergency or complete system failure, even to a "bare" computer with no software installed.

WARNING! Beware of Sveerz Deluxe

Written by David D. Deprice

Sveerz Deluxe http://www.deprice.com/sveerzdeluxe.htm

Sveerz Deluxe is an action puzzle game that bounces to a musical beat. The Sveerz cruiserepparttar galaxy, singing songs that you repeat by clickingrepparttar 136850 little Sveerz onrepparttar 136851 playing board! Enjoy 4 unique modes, 2 player games, worldwide high scores, rhythm based gameplay, and synthetic voices that say your name.

This musical game gives you several ways to test your memory and attention skills.

There are four modes - Arcade, Memory, Puzzle, and Rhythm. The first two will remind you ofrepparttar 136852 classic Simon Says, where you have to click certain colored balls inrepparttar 136853 correct order after listening torepparttar 136854 game. Puzzle mode is a lot like Tetris, andrepparttar 136855 final game hones your rhythm talents. The cartoonish graphics reflectrepparttar 136856 game's whimsical atmosphere, as doesrepparttar 136857 upbeat music.


* 4 Game Modes * 2-player Games * Worldwide and local high scores * Synthetic voices that say your name - or anything else you want * Unlimited play - many more levels * More music, art and sound effects

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