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Written by David Gikandi

How do you quickly generate a massive flow of traffic, and make more money out of that traffic? It's very simple really. All you need is a calculator, a few hundred dollars, and your server's log files. Mix that up and you are on to some good web profits. Let us look at how to get that traffic first. Then we will look at how to manage that traffic within your site for optimal profitability. You can userepparttar information in this article to get a big boost in your web profits withinrepparttar 125181 next few days.

There are many ways to get traffic. Some cost money, some don't. Some are predictable, some aren't. Indeed, you should combine allrepparttar 125182 traffic generation methods available. But if you really want to get that traffic fast, in massive flow, on a predictable date,repparttar 125183 best way to do that is through ezine (email newsletter) advertising. Ezine ads allow you to describe yourself more than a banner. They also reach allrepparttar 125184 ezines' subscribers on one day. For example, if you bought 150,000 banner impressions on a site, that could take a month to run. But if you put your ad on a newsletter with a subscription of 150,000 people, they will all see your ad in one day whenrepparttar 125185 newsletter is sent. So you get a faster result than banners. Depending onrepparttar 125186 product, it isn't unheard of for advertisers to make a return on their ad investment of several hundred-percentage points onrepparttar 125187 same dayrepparttar 125188 ad runs. That is fast, and you can keep rollingrepparttar 125189 money back in to buy more ads and expand your profits.

Also, becauserepparttar 125190 newsletters are topic-specific, you can target your ad very well. Best of all, click-through rates for ezine ads are very high and ad rates are lower than banner ad rates. If you have a look at http://www.emarketer.com/ereports/email_marketing/welcome.html, you will notice that email ads beat banner ads by as much as 15 times.

All you now need is to find a place where you can buy ezine ad space. The best place to do that is at http://www.pennmedia.com/. PennMedia represents 1000 ezines with a total subscription base of 51 million readers. They are all categorized and you can easily target your ad.

Next, you need to make sure thatrepparttar 125191 traffic comes in and actually spends money on your site. Again, there are many things you can do to improve your conversion ratios. There are many books written on how to design a web page for maximum effect. There are dozens of little things you can do to your pages to work well with buyer psychology, load times, and much more. But to know what to do, you would first need to know how people are moving about in your site. You should analyze each page to determine whether it loses visitors torepparttar 125192 Internet or not. People will always leave your site eventually. What you need to do is make sure they leave after they have purchased and left their email address with you so you can follow up for more sales later. And when they leave, you want them to leave in a way that makes you money. Let us see how to do that.

More Links! Links! links!

Written by Dale Sexton

My nagging theme these last few issues have been links. The reason I have been harping on this subject is because I have been proving to myself that they arerepparttar key to rankings.

As you know (if you have kept up with these issues) I have been posting onrepparttar 125180 free for all links, then immediately submitting these post torepparttar 125181 search engines. What I have found isrepparttar 125182 search engines are showing more and more links to my URL. Personally I prefer Free Links Finder to do posting on FFA's:


I have been wondering about how I might post to classified ads with such speed. I looked at Classified 98, The Classified Connection and others. They cost some bucks when you don't have them to spend.

So inrepparttar 125183 mean time, I have been working on my own program to submit to classified ads. The program I'm working on has a few bugs in it that I need to work out before I start lettingrepparttar 125184 public use it.

Inrepparttar 125185 course of using this program, I have inadvertently posted to guestbooks, classified, and FFA pages. Inrepparttar 125186 case ofrepparttar 125187 guestbooks, I have been accused of spamming.

Well, as you can see, I can't letrepparttar 125188 program out till I fix this problem. But what if I were to post my URL to guestbooks in a way that does not look like spamming?

What would happen is that my post would stay on that page for a long time, unless it looks like an advertisement. Then you get a nasty note, taken off their guestbook, and banned from their web site if not worse.

I started changingrepparttar 125189 text in my posting. This is what I found has worked best, but play with it if you wish, and decide to post on guestbooks.

1. Always use your name. If you use a company name, they thinks its spam and you getrepparttar 125190 nasty notes.

2. If you use a well known autoresponder for a return email address, you will be accused of spamming. I used my own autoresponder.

What happens is if spammers get my email fromrepparttar 125191 guestbook page I don't getrepparttar 125192 spam. My domain name address is seen on this autoresponder email, so it doesn't look like spam..

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