Quick Quiz - Measure Your Meeting Mastery

Written by Steve Kaye

Here’s an easy quiz to checkrepparttar health of your meetings.

1) Who leads your meetings? -- a) No one, b) Whoever hasrepparttar 136686 loudest voice, c) A facilitator

2) What happens torepparttar 136687 ideas in your meetings? -- a) If we had to think of ideas, it would be work, b) We make fun of them, c) A scribe writes them on a chart pad

3) Are results obtained in your meetings? -- a) We eat allrepparttar 136688 donuts, b) And we drink all ofrepparttar 136689 coffee, c) Yes!

4) Do your meetings have an agenda? -- a) Is that some kind of cabinet?, b) I saw one once in an article, c) Yes!

5) Who attends your meetings? -- a) We have bleachers to hold spectators, b) The entire staff plus any homeless people inrepparttar 136690 neighborhood, c) Only those who can contribute

6) How long are your meetings? -- a) I’ll let you know when this one ends, b) All day, c) An hour or less

7) During a meeting do you: -- a) Break a foam cup into bits, b) Prepare forrepparttar 136691 next meeting, c) Focus onrepparttar 136692 topic

Dynamic Pre-Hiring Practices

Written by Charlon Bobo

Dynamic Pre-Hiring Practices

by Charlon Bobo, Red Frog, Inc. © 2005

The pre-hiring process can be a challenge. Much time and energy can be invested and inrepparttar end, wasted, if your approach is not focused, deliberate, and specific. The following approaches have resulted in meeting candidates that not only meet our specifications, but also regularly exceed our expectations!

5 Steps to Writing An Ad that Gets Results

The following ad formula has yielded qualified, fitting job candidates:

1. Begin with a compelling headline 2. Provide a brief description of who's hiring to fill what position 3. First, describe what's in it for THEM, to really pull them in 4. Second, describe what you expect ofrepparttar 136519 employee 5. Conclude with instructions to submit if they fit PERFECTLY withrepparttar 136520 description, asking them to describe how they connected withrepparttar 136521 ad

1. Begin with a compelling headline – Your ad copy must make an impression, but it all starts with a headline that pulls in potential candidates with a few carefully chosen words. Your ad should stand out aboverepparttar 136522 others and candidates will read further ifrepparttar 136523 headline hits them on a core level. Example: SUPERSTAR salesperson wanted.

2. Provide a brief description of who’s hiring to fill what position – Your ad should include a succinct description of your company and position being filled, e.g. “We are an ad agency that providesrepparttar 136524 highest quality services at competitive prices and are looking for a team player with sales experience,” or “We arerepparttar 136525 lowest priced car dealership in Atlanta with a reputation for getting anyone with poor credit into a loan. We are looking for an administrative assistant with charisma and a penchant for meeting tight deadlines.” This tends to draw applicants who resonate with your type of business as well asrepparttar 136526 position you are filling.

3. Describe what's in it for THEM – We all want to know how a situation meets OUR needs. If this information is positioned first inrepparttar 136527 ad (which most ads don’t even include!) it makes your ad stand out as much more enticing thanrepparttar 136528 rest.

4. Describe what you expect ofrepparttar 136529 employee - The more specific you are,repparttar 136530 more likely you are to attract candidates withrepparttar 136531 technical as well as “soft” skills you require. Expectations should include a succinct but detailed job description emphasizingrepparttar 136532 qualities ofrepparttar 136533 perfect candidate.

5. Conclude with instructions to submit a response if they fit PERFECTLY withrepparttar 136534 description – When seeking employment most candidates respond to ads even when they are only marginally qualified. Includingrepparttar 136535 word PERFECTLY is an internal check that, most ofrepparttar 136536 time, won’t allowrepparttar 136537 candidate to respond if they don’t fit perfectly. Also, ask thatrepparttar 136538 response include a description of howrepparttar 136539 candidate connected withrepparttar 136540 ad. This will provide valuable information that can be discussed in further detail during a personal interview, if events proceed to that point.

The Ad should include specific instructions forrepparttar 136541 applicant to follow in submittingrepparttar 136542 resume, e.g. “resume attached or embedded in body of email, by 5 PM Friday afternoon, provide name and contact telephone in subject line,” etc. Chances are that if someone cannot follow detailed instructions before they are hired (when they are trying to makerepparttar 136543 BEST impression), they will not be able to follow detailed instruction when employed.

Pre-Interview Contact

1. Remain anonymous! Set up an anonymous method of initial response so that your valuable time is not wasted answering follow-up telephone or email inquiries regardingrepparttar 136544 position.

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