Quick, Helpful Tips for Direct Mail

Written by Wild Bill Montgomery

Make Your Offer Irresistible - All good copywriters will tell you,repparttar secret to great copy is to make it impossible to say "No"!

Findrepparttar 109681 Good in Everything - Rather than try to hide negative sides to your product, try making them known with a positive twist.

Stay Focused - Product or Audience. Keep your advertising focused. The wider your scope,repparttar 109682 easier it gets to lose your reader.

What, Where, Why, Who or How - One ofrepparttar 109683 quickest ways to grab attention, is to pose a question to your readers they can't help but answering.

Tell Them What They Know - Another way to get your reader interested is to state a negative fact that your reader already knows, and offer a solution.

Justrepparttar 109684 Facts Ma'am - Although "Power" words are great eye catchers and helprepparttar 109685 flow of your copy, nothing beats providing facts and product details.

Be Sincere - People can spot phonies and phony copy just as easy.

No Fear? Wrong! - Fear makes a great motivator. Fear of missing a great deal or fear of what can happen without your product.

How I Escaped Database Hell!

Written by Marlon Sanders

(How an old 1996 database version kickedrepparttar tail end of Microsoft Access 2000!)

Dear Reader,

Why is it that I feel like I've been to hell and back?

If you email your prospects or customers, or if you know you should but don't, hopefully my experience will be of value to you.

Does any of this sound familiar?

I had a list of names and email addresses I desperately needed to send emails to. These were people who signed up to resell my product, "The Amazing Formula That Sells Products Like Crazy."

I had a ton of duplicates in my list. For some reason, people sign up multiple times. Yet, I only wanted to send them one email.

Emailing your list of associates, customers and prospects is absolutely essential. I felt humiliated that a stupid database problem was preventing me from contacting my associates on a regular basis.

My list was in this format:

12234 firstname lastname email

The data was listed on a password protected web page. I tried to copy and pasterepparttar 109680 list into Excel, so I could manipulate it, but that wouldn't work. It wouldn't separaterepparttar 109681 data into columns.

I tried Boxer 99, an ultra-cool text editor with remove duplicate liens feature.

But it wouldn't removerepparttar 109682 duplicates becauserepparttar 109683 first number on each record was different. Butrepparttar 109684 name and email wererepparttar 109685 same. To Boxer 99, it wasn't a duplicate record.

My email program is supposed to remove duplicate records. For some reason I still don't understand, it wouldn't zaprepparttar 109686 records for me.


Feeling exasperated, I decided to "get tough" and importrepparttar 109687 names into Access. Surelyrepparttar 109688 heavy duty database programs would pull through for me and end my misery and humiliation!

Have you ever tried to remove duplicates in Microsoft Access? Oh my gosh. Don't even try unless you're a professional!

I used a "find duplicates" query to locaterepparttar 109689 duplicates. But how do you remove them from your list?

Whew! What a nightmare. I never did figure it out. I tried to followrepparttar 109690 15 steps inrepparttar 109691 on-line help file, or however many there were.

But it didn't work.

You'd think there would be a button to click on that says, "remove duplicate records," right? It isn't exactly an unusual or exotic procedure.

Anyway, I hunted all over and tried out some other email programs, figuring that one of them surely would importrepparttar 109692 data in a format that would allow me to de-duperepparttar 109693 list.

But nothing would work. I tried exportingrepparttar 109694 list out of Access and then importing it into my email program.


Finally, a friend of mine said, "Hey, why don't you try Lotus Approach? You can do what you want in only one click!"

I tried to buy Lotus Approach at their web site. But if I remember correctly, I couldn't download it. You had to wait forrepparttar 109695 CD!

What are they thinking? It's called downloading. Hello!

Anyway, thank God I had an old 1996 version on CD. I wasn't confident I could install it since I probably didn't haverepparttar 109696 unlock code.

Thankfully, Lotus didn't require multiple unlock codes like a lot of software does today. And it wasn't an upgrade version that required you to hunt downrepparttar 109697 original version you bought back inrepparttar 109698 dark ages!

Like you can ever findrepparttar 109699 original version beforerepparttar 109700 3 upgrades you bought. You know what I'm talking about?

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