Quick! Make Me A Millionaire

Written by Donna Monday

I was visiting a marketing forumrepparttar other day and someone made a comment that struck me as being true: The Internet has become a giant “money grab” for some people. Meaning, there’s a lot of people online focused on only one thing – “how much money can I make?”

There’s nothing wrong with having a goal to make money, butrepparttar 145347 problem is, that single-minded focus isn’t creating a lot of millionaires. Perception speaks volumes, and this person brought to everyone’s attention how people are beginning to think about others who promote products online.

What kind of message are you sending to prospective customers? Do you only care about “makingrepparttar 145348 sale?”

Or, do you genuinely go about forming relationships first, and wait forrepparttar 145349 sales (if any) to come later?

Honestly, I think many of us have been guilty of trying to “takerepparttar 145350 money and run”. This is probably whyrepparttar 145351 majority of us haven’t made any real money online. We need to take a deep breath and stop for a moment.

How sincere are we in wanting to help people?

Give them something of value?

Make their lives better?

Ifrepparttar 145352 sincerity isn’t there, then we’re no better than a guy named Mike who has a web site devoted to one thing: Making him a millionaire. Mike makes no bones aboutrepparttar 145353 fact that he wants perfect strangers to give him money to achieve his dreams of prosperity. What is Mike giving folks in return? Nothing.

A Coke And A Smile: Should You Sell An Image?

Written by Donna Monday

“Have a Coke and a Smile”

Did reading that make you feel warm and fuzzy?

Did you imagine yourself as one of those happy people in a Coca Cola ad sharing a cool, refreshing Coke and some laughs with friends?

If so, then you’ve just maderepparttar Coca Cola people a few more dollars. Not directly, but indirectly – through branding.

Branding is image building. You can brand a person (yourself), product (soda), or service (dentist). Many large companies use image branding to keep their name in front of consumers and to create a positive image. They hope that when you’re ready to buy their product, you’ll think of them first.

Branding can be very powerful. Just look at this example:

“Ask for . . .repparttar 145346 little purple pill.”

Now I’m not going to mentionrepparttar 145347 drug company that sellsrepparttar 145348 “little purple pill” but if you’ve seen their commercials, you know how attractive they make these pills seem.

In fact, they’ve done such a good job of branding this drug that people are going into their doctor’s office asking for it – whether they need it or not!

Most small entrepreneurs need to “direct market” their products, meaning they must use their small advertising budgets to “sell directly” torepparttar 145349 consumer. They don’t do image branding because it’s seen as a luxury they can’t afford. But is it?

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