Questions To Ask On a First Date

Written by Avishai Fuksman

Conversation starters can literally save your life on a first date.


Well, as you know, going on a first date can be very scary and intimidating. Our minds are overcome with fear and insecurities and we cave in to those emotions.

We’re scared of being rejected, we’re afraid of failure, we’re nervous about sayingrepparttar wrong thing atrepparttar 151191 wrong time and we’re anxious about what our date will think of us.

All these anxieties are totally human and completely understandable – but they produce devastating results: they paralyze us and greatly inhibit our ability to behave normally and confidently like we do with our family and with our closest friends.

Our personal fears lead us torepparttar 151192 most uncomfortable situation where we feel a terrible lack of confidence, all stressed out, angry and frustrated. The bottom line is that we’re doomed to end up inrepparttar 151193 most annoying, embarrassing and even humiliating situation, which we all know as that “awkward silence”.

Believe it or not, most of us do haverepparttar 151194 capacity to carry on a fluid, easy-going and enjoyable conversation with people we have known for years – so, withrepparttar 151195 right approach, it shouldn’t be any different withrepparttar 151196 woman we’re on a first date with.

Andrepparttar 151197 right approach is… conversation starters!

Preparing a list of topics and questions that you can use on repparttar 151198 first date can do wonders for your dating skills.

Atack, attack!

Written by Terry Dashner

Attack, attack!

Terry Dashner……..Faith Fellowship Church PO Box 1586 Broken Arrow, OK 74013

Introduction: General Ulysses S. Grant was badly beaten inrepparttar battle of Shiloh, Tennessee. General James McPherson, his aide, reportedrepparttar 151190 loss of half ofrepparttar 151191 Union artillery and almost one-third ofrepparttar 151192 troops duringrepparttar 151193 bloody conflict.

Retreat was Grant’s only option, or so it seemed. Against all odds Grant ordered, “Reformrepparttar 151194 lines and we will attack at dawn. We will take them by surprise.” By nine o’clockrepparttar 151195 next morningrepparttar 151196 South’s troops were being routed byrepparttar 151197 surprise attack fromrepparttar 151198 weary Union troops. It seems thatrepparttar 151199 confederates had felt so secure inrepparttar 151200 previous day’s victory that they failed to stay alert, thus giving up their blood-soaked and hallowed ground.

Someone once said that Christians are most vulnerable torepparttar 151201 enemy’s attack after a great victory. Why is this? Because there is a real tendency among victors to rest on their laurels after victory, instead of securing their lines in vigilance. Complacency kills.

The Essence of this document: There is a real danger inrepparttar 151202 body of Christ to become complacent after battles have been fought and won. And this should not be. May I ask you a question? Are you alert torepparttar 151203 enemy’s schemes against you? Or does complacency define your disposition?

This morning I want to share with you three reasons why complacency makesrepparttar 151204 child of God vulnerable torepparttar 151205 enemy’s attacks. Knowing why complacency happens can help us safe-guard ourselves against it. At all costsrepparttar 151206 Christian should remain vigilant throughout her spiritual journey.

Body of document:I There are several reasons for complacency after a spiritual victory. For one, complacency happens whenrepparttar 151207 one in charge fails to recognize her advantage. The one in charge must seerepparttar 151208 benefit in regrouping and attacking untilrepparttar 151209 enemy is utterly destroyed. Once you win a spiritual battle don’t fold-up shop and retire. Attack! Okay, so you’ve won a battle, pursuerepparttar 151210 enemy until you’ve wonrepparttar 151211 war. In spiritual warfare there are no retreats or awards banquets, only attack. Don’t wait forrepparttar 151212 enemy to hit you, press intorepparttar 151213 kingdom of darkness and fight withrepparttar 151214 Light!

In 1863 President Lincoln was downcast beyond words when General Lee retreated from Gettysburg. In deep despair he penned these words to General George G. Meade ofrepparttar 151215 Union Army: “…my dear general, I do not believe you appreciaterepparttar 151216 magnitude ofrepparttar 151217 misfortune involved in Lee’s escape. He was within your grasp, and to have closed upon him would, in connection with our other late successes have endedrepparttar 151218 war. As it is,repparttar 151219 war will be prolonged indefinitely.” The letter was never sent.

General George G. Meade failed, inrepparttar 151220 words of Lincoln, to “appreciaterepparttar 151221 magnitude ofrepparttar 151222 misfortune involved in Lee’s escape.” Because Meade let Lee crossrepparttar 151223 Potomac, between July 4 to July 15, 1863, Lee accomplishedrepparttar 151224 impossible and was able to fight again, prolongingrepparttar 151225 war. During this short time, Lee established field hospitals to care forrepparttar 151226 8500 sick and wounded evacuees he brought back with him, many of whom would heal and return to service. He salvaged most of his artillery, returning 6000 wagons and between 30,000 and 40,000 horses and mules. He also brought back 30,000 cattle and 25,000 sheep and thousands of hogs. Whereas this army had been onrepparttar 151227 verge of starvation two months before Gettysburg, he had succeeded in getting supplies enough forrepparttar 151228 war to go on many more months, despite manpower losses. Had Meade crushed Lee’s army inrepparttar 151229 Potomac (flood stage delayedrepparttar 151230 crossing),repparttar 151231 war would have ended earlier. As it turns out,repparttar 151232 war continued for another two years with thousands, upon thousands of war casualties.

Remember this point to safe-guard yourself against complacency: After your spar withrepparttar 151233 enemies of darkness, keep attacking untilrepparttar 151234 Lord directs you to a new campaign. Never retreat and never allow complacency to enter your relationship withrepparttar 151235 Lord. Pressrepparttar 151236 point. Follow through. Take it allrepparttar 151237 way!

II Secondly, complacency comes when we elect to build a port folio, instead of sounding a bugle’s charge. Many inrepparttar 151238 body of Christ are content to relive their past events of victory, instead of “forgetting those things which are behind” and pressing ahead. If you find your conversations about God inrepparttar 151239 past tense, you need to repent of complacency and get inrepparttar 151240 fight of faith.

May I share with you a secret to success for your spiritual progress? It is this: keep moving. Progress along. Don’t stop, and certainly don’t retreat.

Forward movement forrepparttar 151241 believer is permanent. The story is told aboutrepparttar 151242 great Reformer, Martin Luther. One day his son came home from school skipping and singing. “Why are you so happy?” Luther asked him. “Today we finishedrepparttar 151243 catechism,” answered his son. “My, but you are far ahead of me,” said Luther. “I’ve been studyingrepparttar 151244 catechism all my life, and I haven’t finished it yet.”

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