Q association management software release 1.2 announced July 31, 2004

Written by gomembers, Inc.

[Herndon, VA]--- gomembers, Inc. released version 1.2 of Q,repparttar comprehensive enterprise membership management software built usingrepparttar 133484 Microsoft .NET architecture. Q provides an open, scalable platform with increased performance, lower cost and easy deployment. A browser-based solution, Q providesrepparttar 133485 ability for users to access their data from virtually anywhere viarepparttar 133486 Internet.

Version 1.2 offers many enhancements torepparttar 133487 product, including increased functionality ofrepparttar 133488 search and entry functions forrepparttar 133489 membership database, which allows members to update their information viarepparttar 133490 web. Other improvements are seen inrepparttar 133491 home page capabilities, improvingrepparttar 133492 individualized user options for their home page function and connectivity with external sources.

Q, its reporting module QRD (Query, Reporting and Data Extraction) and Q-commerce provide a powerful solution for your member driven organization that lets you be more customer-centric with easy-to-use, well-organized web capabilities. Usingrepparttar 133493 latest .NET architecture, Q connects you to companies and entities with different systems and maximizesrepparttar 133494 technology for all membership functions.

For more information on gomembers' solutions, please visitrepparttar 133495 Products section of our website. www.gomembers.com

Benefits of DVR Players

Written by Randy McClure

A DVR player's best benefit is enabling people to have more control over their day-to-day schedules. A Digital Video Recorder (DVR) allows you to record video in digital format onrepparttar DVR's hard drive. A DVR is a cross between a video tape recorder and a DVD recordable drive on a computer, but a DVR is a lot more. Here are some benefits of DVR players.

Watch Your Favorite Programs On Your Own Time.

With DVR players, you can record hours and hours of TV programs for viewing later. The amount of programs that you record is only limited byrepparttar 133483 size of your DVR player's hard drive. This enables you to watch your favorite reality TV show or soap opera when you want to watch it. Surveys of DVR owners show that recording TV shows for future viewing isrepparttar 133484 biggest benefit for owning a DVR player.

Archiving Favorite TV Programs.

Some DVR owners use their DVR player to archive their favorite TV programs and TV series. Archiving is best if you hook your DVR player to your home computer network.

Digital TV Best For DVR Recording.

The recording quality of a DVR player is best when recording digital TV versus analog TV programs. This is one reason why DVRs got their start with satellite TV withrepparttar 133485 TiVo DVR. Satellite TV is digital. If you have cable TV, non-digital programs are getting to be less of an issue as many cable companies are now going digital. See TiVo and Satellite Company Deals

Bypass TV Ads, Instant Replay, Freeze Screen.

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