"Putz, Piddle & Procrastinate with Passion"

Written by Judith Tramayne-Barth

Arerepparttar three P's -- putzing, piddling and procrastinating — giving you an anxiety attack? Well quit hyper-ventilating and use them to your advantage.

You can putz, piddle and procrastinate anytime you want if you do them with passion!

==> Putz

Putz all you want on articles you will be sending to ezines or putting on your web site becauserepparttar 117781 more you putz with them,repparttar 117782 better they'll be. This is called rewriting.

==> Piddle

Piddle with your web pages by changingrepparttar 117783 look. Do this often!

If you do, FTPrepparttar 117784 changes up to your ISP or hosting site. It causesrepparttar 117785 search engine robots to come crawling through your site more often. They look for atrepparttar 117786 last time you updated pages. If they see nothing has changed, your site gets tossed intorepparttar 117787 black hole of never-never see again etherland.

==> Procrastinate

Procrastinate reading all your e-mail. Only read and react to email which must be answered immediately. You knowrepparttar 117788 ones, they ask specific questions. The others are just fill-ins when you have a spare moment. And, if you find you do not have any spare moments, zaprepparttar 117789 hummers after a week.

Tollbooths On The Information Highway!

Written by Sonya Meyers

Information rules onrepparttar Internet, this is a hard and fast rule that is not likely to change. However, it was once, by and large, a free database for consumers to enjoy at will, but times have changed as they always do. Smart website owners are now realizing just what their hard earned information is worth. Specifically, …cold hard cash. Andrepparttar 117780 good news is that consumers are still as interested as they were when it was free. In fact, in some respects they are more interested. The time honored principle still holds true in this fast speed, highly technical age, that what we pay for we tend to appreciate more and we feel, in turn, that it holds more value. Quite frankly it does, simply because if we are being paid we are more likely to sharerepparttar 117781 real nitty gritty insider secrets of our own personal mother lode of information.

The fact is that all those years of study, hands on experience, and tried and true wisdom is worth a hefty income when turned intorepparttar 117782 new online community. Communities that cost money to enter. Communities that not only bring together a group of people interested in a common topic but also provide value and insiders secrets thatrepparttar 117783 public is dying to know about. So how do you jump onrepparttar 117784 new bandwagon barreling down repparttar 117785 Information Highway? Start withrepparttar 117786 basics:

Don't followrepparttar 117787 pack, create your own.

Create a community around something for which you are passionate. Don't think strictly in terms of business. Look at extracurricular activities, hobbies that might be turned into a business ifrepparttar 117788 people in your community just had enough knowledge onrepparttar 117789 topic. Think in terms of helping people turn what they love into a full time occupation.

These arerepparttar 117790 elements that will make your online community indispensable. Try to stay away fromrepparttar 117791 biz opp mentality simply because it is so fraught with competition. Everyone is jumping on this particularly overloaded wagon which will make getting attention for your subscription website that much more difficult. Think out ofrepparttar 117792 box.

Planrepparttar 117793 Information.

Keeping in mind that you are creating a subscription website around a theme that you are already passionate about, it goes to follow that you will have tons of information onrepparttar 117794 topic. Takerepparttar 117795 time to begin organizing your information andrepparttar 117796 ideas for your website into a system that flows smoothly. Visit other subscription websites and get a feel forrepparttar 117797 layout. Decide how much basic information needs to go into repparttar 117798 site to create a successful launch. Plan to continue adding information on a regular basis to keeprepparttar 117799 community alive and humming. Look past mainstream materials such as magazines and books toward industry trade journals and insider information.

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