Putting Sound on your Web Site - Part 3

Written by John Rickey

Making MIDI Files for your site

HTML Code The best way to put auto playing sound on your web site is MIDI. If you'd likerepparttar sound to load automatically and loop inrepparttar 134638 background this isrepparttar 134639 best code to use in for both Netscape and Explorer. <bgsound src="mysong.mid" loop=infinite> If you'd likerepparttar 134640 MIDI file to play on request inrepparttar 134641 foreground, it's just a matter of linking as Click to hear Sometimes your web server may not haverepparttar 134642 mime types configured properly and this will preventrepparttar 134643 MIDI files from playing. In which case you need to contact your server.

Making Midi Files Making your own MIDI files can be a difficult task. To make good sounding midi files takes a background in arranging, music, MIDI sequencing and computers. You can download MIDI files from various MIDI archives butrepparttar 134644 quality can be poor and often not thematically correct for your site. MIDI Design below at http//www.scugog-net.com/room108/midi/container.html offer complete customized MIDI Loops for $35 per song. One ofrepparttar 134645 common MIDI sequencing software available with free demos are Cakewalk. This demo works great but doesn't save or print music. I personally like using Logic with its great quantizing features. If you have some musical background, here are some hints to making good midi files.

Hints for Making MIDI The following hints are meant for beginners. An experienced MIDI arranger will usually break these rules for effect. For example, often parts are not quantized for realism andrepparttar 134646 parts are done in a very different order. Nevertheless, here is a template that will work for beginners in MIDI 1) First, play justrepparttar 134647 melody ofrepparttar 134648 song on a track. Be surerepparttar 134649 volume


Written by Richard Lowe

In my humble opinion, everyone should create a homepage. Wait, let's back up a minute. What's a homepage? Well, there are really two definitions. First, a homepage isrepparttar first page of a web site, usually named index, default or home. Second, a homepage is a web site with one or more pages which is personal. It'srepparttar 134637 second definition which we are using in this article.

Okay, so why would anyone want to create a homepage? It's simple really. The internet is all about communication. A homepage is a method whereby you can communicate about yourself, your family, hobbies, pets, likes, dislikes, religion or anything else that you desire. Oh, there are limits to what you can put on your web site - you must stay withinrepparttar 134638 contractual terms ofrepparttar 134639 company which is hosting it. You also should not violate any laws - but besides that, post away.

You say you have nothing to communicate that anyone would want to know? Hmmm. You're alive, aren't you? You have a family, a job, a pet, a hobby, anything? Let's see what kind of topics you can choose.

- Make a fan site for your favorite television show (Star Trek, Wonder Woman, Dallas, whatever)

- Create a personal diary.

- Post a photo album.

- Put up pictures of all ofrepparttar 134640 trash cans in Disneyland (someone already did it).

- Write about and include drawings and photos of your cat, dog, fish, armadillo or snake.

- Tell everyone about your job.

- People are always interested in religion - talk about yours.

- You like your car? Create a web site all about that.

- What about your travels aroundrepparttar 134641 world? A diary and/or photos is a good thing to put on a homepage.

- Did some school papers of which you are proud? Post them.

- If you are an artist or photographer, display your work.

- Figure something out? Tell us all about it.

- Had an out-of-body experience, been kidnapped by aliens or remember your past lives? Well, we'd all like to know.

That's just a sample, there are an infinite number of subjects that you can write about.

All right, so now you want to create a home page. How do you go about it? Find a company (a provider) to host it, choose a web editing package (optional), and get to work. If you want to include photos or other graphics you will need to get a graphics editor and possibly a scanner. Don't worry, just start small and work your way through it. The providers usually make it pretty easy to get started.

Visit some ofrepparttar 134642 sites listed inrepparttar 134643 article on freehosts (http://www.internet-tips.net/Homepages/freehosts.htm). Read their information and FAQs (frequently asked questions) until you find one that you like.

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