Put an End to Food Cravings!

Written by Joe Serpico

Most of us are "regular" people. We don't eatrepparttar perfect diet allrepparttar 145411 time and have our struggles with food, same as everyone else. But having an awareness of this fact and knowing a little bit about our health and food nutrition can help when it comes to making wise decisions.

Many people struggle with food "cravings." Studies tell us that it's fairly common for food cravings to happen at certain times, quite often at around bedtime. Your guard may be down, you may have had an unusually hard day, and off you go on your not-so-merry way to find that tasty treat. Fatigue and stress often combine to take their toll onrepparttar 145412 best of intentions.

When food cravings are unconstrained, what starts out as a bedtime snack quickly turns into a full blown feeding frenzy...not something most of us fully understand or appreciate. We head to kitchen and every other place where food can hide, clearing a path as we go.

Most food cravings are not about satisfying a nutritional need or imbalance. They seem to be more emotionally related, or God forbid, are caused by plain old gluttony. Exactly why we over-indulge is not completely understood, however our knowledge about this subject continues to grow.

Listed below are some thoughts and ideas about food cravings:

- Ifrepparttar 145413 food isn't available, you can't eat it! Emptyrepparttar 145414 cookie jar and keep it that way! Keep healthy food choices on-hand.

- Recognizerepparttar 145415 feelings and emotions that lead-up to a food craving. Do you have food cravings when youíre bored, lonely, or stressed? If you can identify a trigger, you can deal withrepparttar 145416 emotion thatís making you desire a certain food. Try to deal withrepparttar 145417 triggers inrepparttar 145418 best way you can.

- Sometimes, even recognizing that a craving is about to happen doesn't seem to help. Don't beat yourself-up. There is always tomorrow. Call a friend, make good use of your support network and share your feelings with someone.

- Get enough sleep. When youíre tired, youíre more likely to crave things.

- Never give-up. When you "slip", press-in, bear-down, get a grip, do whatever is necessary to re-gain control. Try to practice restraint most ofrepparttar 145419 time, but don't get legalistic and un-balanced in your weight loss approach. Think moderation and not abstinence at all times!

- Understand that self-control and discipline by themselves, won't cut it! If you depend totally on yourself for control, you will fail. Forming caring and supportive relationships is required. If you do not currently have a support network, start building one TODAY.

Healthy Restaurant Eating

Written by Joe Serpico

Here's food for thought....did you knowrepparttar average restaurant meal has over 1,000 calories? That's enough to blow any healthy eating plan. Fortunately, by following a few simple guidelines, you can dine out without having to sacrifice good taste and nutrition.

1. Avoid ordering an appetizer. It's not widely known that some appetizers have more calories and fat thanrepparttar 145410 main course. Plus, many appetizers are fried and served with heavy sauces which will add to your intake of saturated fat as well as trans fats and calories. It's not a healthy way to start your meal.

2. Say "yes" to salad. Salad is a healthy eater's best friend. Not only will it fill you up so you'll consume fewer calories overall, but it will also give you a hefty dose of antioxidants which are heart healthy. Be sure to ask your waitress to holdrepparttar 145411 croutons and cheese which will further reduce your caloric load. Also, choose your dressing wisely. Avoid cream based dressings and go forrepparttar 145412 vinegar based ones. You also haverepparttar 145413 option of using vinegar and olive oil which is heart healthy.

3. Makerepparttar 145414 right entree selection. Go for broiled and grilled rather than fried. Not only will you save calories and fat grams, you'll also avoid trans fats which are so prevalent in fried foods. Instead, consider asking for a doubles order of vegetables with your entree. Very few Americans are gettingrepparttar 145415 7-9 servings of fruits and vegetables recommended for optimal health. Plus, by avoidingrepparttar 145416 starch, you'll be reducing your caloric and carbohydrate load. Also, stick to tomato based sauces rather than cream based and you'll enjoy a considerable calorie savings. Lastly, ask forrepparttar 145417 sauce to be served in a separate dish onrepparttar 145418 side so you can controlrepparttar 145419 amount you eat.

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