"Put Your Web Biz on Autopilot with Autoresponders"

Written by Merle

Anyone who has a web-based business will tell you that answering emails is one ofrepparttar most time consuming chores they face on a daily basis. After answering your emails for any length of time, you'll soon see that many ofrepparttar 125049 requests you receive are forrepparttar 125050 same information over and over. Instead of typingrepparttar 125051 same responses again and again you can streamline this process withrepparttar 125052 use of autoresponders. Autoresponders work much inrepparttar 125053 same way as fax on demand. They're pre-determined email responses that are triggered to go out automatically to specific email inquiries.

There are many ways you can use autoresponders in your online business. Here are my Top Ten:

1) FAQ (Frequently asked questions). How many times do you get questions on how your site or service works? Take them and answer them all in one text document.

2) Advertising Rates. If you sell ads in your ezine or on your website, set up a document containing your ad rates and demographic information.

3) Help Responses. For tech support on your site; you can make a list of possible problems withrepparttar 125054 solutions along with a note that you'll be in touch soon. This can also be used for tech support with your software or e-books.

4) Copy of your Ezine. If you publish an ezine, make sure you have an issue people can request a copy of by autoresponder. Many times people like to see an issue before they subscribe. Make sure you include subscribe information inside as well.

5) Price Lists. If you sell products on your site, supply a comprehensive list of items with pricing.

Exit Exchanges - Do They Really Work?

Written by Michael Low

Forrepparttar last few years,repparttar 125048 most popular form of exchanging traffic was through banner exchanges. Inrepparttar 125049 past year however, more webmasters are beginning to use exit exchanges.

Exit exchanges drive traffic to member sites by exchanging popunder displays. When a visitor leaves Member Site A, a window showing Member Site B appears beneath Site A's browser window.

This effectively drives an extra visitor to Member Site B.

But do exit exchanges really provide a better deal?

Let's examine this issue by looking atrepparttar 125050 figures. Inrepparttar 125051 illustration below, I have comparedrepparttar 125052 extra traffic that a website would earn from a banner exchange and an exit exchange.

For a website getting 1,000 visitors daily, each viewing an average of 5 pages - and using 2:1 exchange ratios:

With A Banner Exchange:

Total number of banner impressions earned = 1,000 visitors x 5 pageviews x 1 banner/page x 0.5 (2:1 ratio) = 2,500 banner impressions

Assuming average clickthru rate is 0.20%.

Number of extra visitors earned = 2,500 imps. x 0.20% = 5 visitors

With An Exit Exchange:

Assuming 1 popunder is displayed to each visitor:

Total number of popunders displayed = 1,000 visitors x 1 popunder/visitor = 1,000 popunders displayed

Number of extra visitors earned = 1,000 popunders displayed x 0.5 (2:1 ratio) = 500 visitors

As we can clearly observe fromrepparttar 125053 above illustration, exit exchanges drive a lot more traffic to member websites compared to banner exchanges.

What arerepparttar 125054 KEY secrets to success with exit exchanges?

1. Popunders

Reputable exit exchanges only display 1 popunder window to each visitor. The visitor will only see 1 popunder during their entire visit at a member site.

This way they are never deluged with tons of popunders. Some webmasters are prejudiced against using exit exchanges. They are haunted by bad experiences due to unethical uses of popunders by some rogue sites.

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