Put Your Homepage To Work!

Written by Said Rouhani

Your homepage is probablyrepparttar most important page of your whole Web site. Yes, even more important than your order page (orrepparttar 134629 pages where you pre-sell affiliate program products).

The first page most of your visitors will land on is your homepage. If your homepage doesn't grab your visitor's attention, your order page will be useless. You can have a super hot design. You can haverepparttar 134630 fanciest e-commerce package inrepparttar 134631 World. You can even haverepparttar 134632 most desirable widget for sale.

But if your homepage doesn't pull your visitor's interest and push your sales offer (without being pushy), you will lose an enormous amount of sales.

There are two aspects of your homepage that affect its sales power:

1. Design 2. Copy

As always,repparttar 134633 most important thing in this exercise of Internet marketing is: KNOW YOUR TARGET AUDIENCE.

Here are a couple of highly effective design and copy strategies you can use to boostrepparttar 134634 sales power of your all important homepage:

1. Keep vital elements aboverepparttar 134635 fold. "Aboverepparttar 134636 fold" is a term borrowed from newspaper lingo. It meansrepparttar 134637 area that readers see first (which meansrepparttar 134638 top of your homepage), so it isrepparttar 134639 most important area. Basically, this area doesrepparttar 134640 work of grabbing your visitor's attention while your main copy is loading. You should place your Unique Selling Proposition, logo, and an attention grabbing headline above repparttar 134641 fold.

2. Work your headline to perfection. Your headline isrepparttar 134642 most important piece of copy on your homepage. Make it totally irresistible. Here's a "secret" tip for headlines: don't giverepparttar 134643 opportunity forrepparttar 134644 reader to escape your headline. For example, "Do you want to make money online?" isn't a good headline, because it gives a way out forrepparttar 134645 reader. How about: "Learn all you ever wanted to know about making a fortune onrepparttar 134646 Internet". Much more powerful.

3. Offer something for free on your homepage. An ebook, newsletter subscription, special report, etc. An effective strategy is to use free books in conjunction with newsletter subscriptions (i.e. "subscribe and get this free ebook"). At least if they don't stay at your site this time, they'll be reminded to re-visit when you send your newsletter.

4. Optimize your homepage for super-fast loading. This is very important. One ofrepparttar 134647 primary reasons people leave Web sites is because of slow loading. Keeprepparttar 134648 total size of your homepage below 40kB.

"Beginners Luck" a guide to Web Page/Site Design

Written by Rudy A. McCormick

Ever wonder whyrepparttar cheapest looking, mostly all text, boring web sites get allrepparttar 134628 top rankings? Me Too! So I found out. As it turns out most search engines have been fooled once or twice by idiots (or genius's depending on what side ofrepparttar 134629 fence your on) who have placed code in their sites to fool rankers into giving their site more weight. So they have put measures in place to stop these people, and in return made "Ranking" more of a challenge than ever. What is this Magic code that places sites atrepparttar 134630 top? PLANNING! Yes, Planning isrepparttar 134631 best way to get your site noticed and ranked.

Tips for planning your website for "Rankings"

1. Plan your site around a specific set of keywords or phrases. if your site is about basketball, then your keywords should include Basketball First, then Basketball in a phrase. (E.G. Basketball for short people) Basketball will getrepparttar 134632 general inquirers and Basketball for short people will dominaterepparttar 134633 specific area that your site really pertains to inrepparttar 134634 first place.

2. Plan every area in your site to begin with your keywords. Pretty simple, but somewhat hard to swallow forrepparttar 134635 ego. Sites with too much text don't look as fancy as sites with images and animations. Text and keyword placement is crucial, only use your keywords inrepparttar 134636 first part of your particular area, and then do not repeat them.

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