Put Your Company Logo on Cotton!

Written by Kelli Fassbender

An effective way to gain company recognition is to order custom t-shirts with your company name, logo, phone number, and other important information on them. You can use customized apparel to outfit your employees as well as to contribute a sense of professionalism and reliability to your company. In addition to outfitting your company withrepparttar custom apparel, you can market your brand by distributingrepparttar 150338 custom designed clothing to your customers and potential clients.

Ordering custom t-shirts is easy: you can contact a local printer to make them, or you can design and order them online. There are several websites that have t-shirt design interfaces in which you can design and order your t-shirts entirely online. Whatever type of company you choose, however, you will want to make sure thatrepparttar 150339 process they use is screen-printing rather than heat transferring becauserepparttar 150340 prints will last longer and look more professional.

Because printing prices can vary drastically, you should get quotes from several different companies before ordering. The benefits of ordering online include convenience, not having to pay taxes onrepparttar 150341 goods, and in some cases, complimentary shipping. The benefits of using a local screenprinter include being able to seerepparttar 150342 goods before you purchase them, and perhaps, speaking directly withrepparttar 150343 artist. A downside to ordering locally includes having to go torepparttar 150344 local screenprinter to place your order and then pickingrepparttar 150345 items up yourself. If you order online, however, you will haverepparttar 150346 items shipped directly to you. An online screenprinter that we find very reputable for printing company apparel and custom t-shirts is DesignAShirt.com. Checkrepparttar 150347 yellow pages for local printers.

How to Benefit From E-zine Articles

Written by Diane M. Hess


Think of an article you write for an e-zine as an extended piece of literature that helps you capture that reader's attention for a few minutes. If your title and lead are dynamic and your article is informative and convincing you stand a good chance to win a reader over; make a sale; or do good works in building your on line reputation. Also, keep it simple sorepparttar reader is able to digest what your article is saying.

If, onrepparttar 150337 other hand, you are an e-zine reader and you identify withrepparttar 150338 content of an article, look atrepparttar 150339 piece as a source of condensed information being supplied to you. Ifrepparttar 150340 piece is knowledgeable and fits your needs, you may get enough information fromrepparttar 150341 article to save you from a long on-line search or reading a chapter in a book.

When preparing your articles be sure to research your topic well. You are being perceived asrepparttar 150342 "expert." Asrepparttar 150343 author you are responsible to presentrepparttar 150344 reader with factual on any given topic. Keep in mind thatrepparttar 150345 data you provide can and often does helprepparttar 150346 reader make a decision.

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