Put Up Some Stop Signs

Written by Arleen M. Kaptur

We rush to and from work or other activities. Appointments and commitments fill our daily hours and we fall into bed exhausted but find sleep hard to come. Our nerves are tensed because there is so much more to do and so little time. Tempers flare andrepparttar news media calls it “road rage” or “domestic violence.” Our children feel stress at an early age and many of our older adult population never get to find and enjoy their “golden years.”

Exactly what is happening to our daily lives to cause all this unprecedented hyperactivity and tenseness? We certainly have advanced in knowledge and ability fromrepparttar 101897 previous generations, but we still feel a nagging feeling to findrepparttar 101898 real truth. There are enough entertainment toys to fill our homes with noise, recorded laughter, and music to anesthesize our minds into a temporary respite from our worries and our fears. We want to leave our children a legacy of peace aroundrepparttar 101899 world, yet we nit pick each other into a frenzy of hurt feelings and lashbacks. There is definitely something wrong and even science, as it progresses forward with new discoveries and insights, can’t seem to be able to quiet our hearts, and fill our souls with peace and tranquility.

No, science and technology can’t do it. Your co-workers and friends can’t achieve it for you. You’re it. Just you - you’rerepparttar 101900 only one who can putrepparttar 101901 brakes on this run-away activity cycle andrepparttar 101902 desperate attempt at everyone and everything around you to pull and tug in different directions and to leave you frazzled and dazed. Your family


Written by Rhoberta Shaler

If I asked you to describe yourself, what would berepparttar first five things that come to mind? Are they positive things? Are at least three out of five positive? I hope so. If not, though, it is good information. It indicates a need for you to make self-appreciation and self-respect a higher priority.

You've all heardrepparttar 101896 phrase, "Be your own best friend". How would you describe your best friend? It is unlikely that you would have a list of negatives, isn't it? How do you treat your best friends? With respect, with kindness and understanding, with compassion, right? Treat yourselfrepparttar 101897 same way.

One of my longtime friends recently told me this story. She said that, when she approaches a household task that seems risky, she asks herself, "Would I hire a sixty-seven year old woman to do that for me?" Ifrepparttar 101898 answer is "No", then she hires a younger person to dorepparttar 101899 job. Ifrepparttar 101900 answer is "Yes", she proceeds. My dear friend, Helen, is a very wise woman!

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