Put A Friendly Face On Your Sales Proposition

Written by Grady Smith

Picture yourself walking intorepparttar local bookstore. You find a title you like, proceed torepparttar 127475 sales counter, and notice thatrepparttar 127476 clerk is hiding behindrepparttar 127477 cash register. Without ever seeing their face they run your credit card, place your purchase in a bag, and send you on your way.

Would you return to purchase your next book there?

Probably not. We like to be face to face when making our purchases. Seems to make us comfortable to actually seerepparttar 127478 face ofrepparttar 127479 person taking our money.

Unfortunately, online we canít process sales face to face with our customer. But there are some ways to easerepparttar 127480 transaction for potential customers intorepparttar 127481 online marketplace.

If a customer wants to see a face, then put a picture on your site. It givesrepparttar 127482 potential customer a picture of who it is thatís taking their money. I know it helps me to be able to put a face torepparttar 127483 words in a sales letter Iím reading.

In creating our friendly sales letter, we want to come as close as possible to representingrepparttar 127484 guy atrepparttar 127485 corner hardware store. We buy from him because he has a gentle smile. We know about his son thatís trying out for track next week. Through meeting him weíve learned that he plans to retire one day soon and travelrepparttar 127486 country with his wife in their motor home. These tidbits make us like him and bring our business to his store.

The Secret Of Hitting Peopleís Buying Trigger!

Written by Grady Smith

Itís a fact: Youíll never make any real money online unless you know how to pull someoneís buying trigger.

Sure, you may be a whiz at bringing people to your site. Maybe youíre looking at 800 a day. But with that kind of traffic, I pull in $864 daily. Why? Because I know how to make people pullrepparttar trigger and buy.

So, whatísrepparttar 127474 secret?

1) Youíve Got To Know Your Audience

What does someone really want that visits your site and takes a look at your product? Do they want to make money quick? Are they on a budget, and want to do it with very little investment? Knowingrepparttar 127475 specifics of your target is step one to hitting their buying button.

2) Youíve Got To Prove You Can Give Them What They Want

Sure, you can say ďIíll show you how to make money onlineĒ, but that sure doesnít pull my buying trigger.

But if I visited your site wanting to learn how to make money online without much investment, and you said something like ďIíll show you how to make thousands each week without investing a dimeĒ, I would become very interested. Specifics directed to your target audience makerepparttar 127476 trigger finger itch.

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