Pumpkin, The Halloween Cat

Written by Michael LaRocca

PUMPKIN, THE HALLOWEEN CAT Copyright 2005, Michael LaRocca

The neighbor's car pulled into my driveway. She got out holding a stranger in her arms.

"I found this cat in my yard. Is he yours?"


"Oh. I thought he was."

"Well, he's not."

"Well, can you hold him until I drive away so he doesn't follow me home?"

Oh yes, we all know how this story ends.

He was a beautiful little fuzzy ball of orange. Quite an affectionate, purring fellow too. And yes, I fed him. Knowing full well where that always leads.

I already had two cats. Witchie and Taz, both Siamese. It had taken quite a bit of time and effort for Witchie to accept Taz. Plus, Taz had beenrepparttar sole male cat for several years. Another male? Not possible. But, I thought, why not have an indoor male and an outdoor male?

Sincerepparttar 147735 new guy arrived in late October, and since he was orange, we dubbed him Pumpkin. He knewrepparttar 147736 indoors cats didn't like him, and he was fine with that. Their turf, not his. Besides, he loved it when my dogs, Daisy and Bebe, came outside to visit him, even when they chased him up a tree, which was always. They were just playing. My dogs love all cats, and they licked him when he came down.

One Saturday afternoon, I went outside to play with my chainsaw. Onrepparttar 147737 porch, I found eight dead mice, besiderepparttar 147738 front door in a very neat row. They were all on their backs, with their heads pointingrepparttar 147739 same way and their tails neatly aligned. This was obviously a gift from young Pumpkin, a show of his gratitude.

I worked with my chainsaw for a while, then went back torepparttar 147740 house for a drink. Now there were only five mice. No doubt my young son had decided that he'd done his part. He'd offered them to me first. If I didn't want them, well, it was a shame to let a good meal go to waste.

Still later, I returned torepparttar 147741 house to see only two mice remaining. Still later, half a mouse. Still later, no mice at all. No blood or fur, either. He cleaned up quite thoroughly.

It's obvious how Pumpkin survived before I began feeding him. It's also obvious why he didn't eat very much.

One night, I was typing onrepparttar 147742 computer when I heard a strange squeaking noise coming fromrepparttar 147743 porch. I finally went outside to see what it was. Pumpkin was standing there, looking every bitrepparttar 147744 wild-eyed feral hunter, with a live squeaking mouse in his mouth. I just muttered "Good boy" and went back inside. Eventually,repparttar 147745 noise stopped.

Whenrepparttar 147746 weather turned cold, I let Pumpkin come inside. Yes, it pissed offrepparttar 147747 Siamese coalition, but I decided I didn't care.

I paused to look at life throughrepparttar 147748 eyes of Witchie and Taz, and here is what I saw:

Every species has its own identifying colors. For example, all dogs are black with brown eyes. All horses are brown with dark brown manes. All people are white-skinned, with brownish hair and blue eyes. And all cats, quite naturally, are blue-eyed shorthaired sealpoint Siamese.

Now they see this longhaired, fuzzy, orange thing with yellow-green eyes. It smells likerepparttar 147749 woods and it's protected by dogs. Surely it's a tool ofrepparttar 147750 devil and an abomination inrepparttar 147751 eyes ofrepparttar 147752 cat gods, something that must be destroyed. I resigned myself torepparttar 147753 fact that they would always hate Pumpkin, hissing and threatening whenever they saw him. It didn't seem to bother Pumpkin, so it didn't bother me.

Arthritis Pain Relief For Dogs Ė Simple Home Remedies That Work

Written by Rose Smith

Did you know that arthritis affects one in five dogs overrepparttar age of seven? It is a painful condition that affectsrepparttar 147679 joints and can occur in your petís neck, hips, shoulders, elbows and back. However, there are many simple solutions that you can provide at home that will relieverepparttar 147680 aches and pains in your dogís joints.

* Change Your Dogís Diet

Easy enough and it worked for my dog. Be sure you are providing a high-quality dog food with no added preservatives, food colorings, wheat, corn or soy products. It would be preferable to get a dog food that is low fat AND has low carbohydrates, but unfortunately there is no such thing as a low-carb dog food. Just be aware that grains (which make up a large component of dry dog food) tend to increase inflammation and aggravate arthritis. A better alternative would be to switch to home-prepared meals with either cooked or raw meats and vegetables.

However, if you donít want to prepare meals for your pet, then cut back onrepparttar 147681 dry food and start adding a cup of fresh veggie ďsaladĒ every day. Celery is excellent forrepparttar 147682 joints. I often chop up lettuce, celery, cucumber, some carrot, and any other fresh vegetables I have on hand. Just make sure to cut all vegetables into very small pieces for easy digestion (a food processor is perfect for this) and donít use onions or mushrooms as they may be toxic to your dog.

* Provide Supplements That Reduce Arthritic Swelling and Pain

Give your dog a glucosamine tablet. Glucosamine helpsrepparttar 147683 body manufacture glycosaminoglycans, which is designed to maintain cartilage structure. The recommended dosage is ľ mg of a 500mg tablet per 10 pounds of body weight once a day. Preferably use a glucosamine tablet that also contains Chondroitin Sulfate. This supplement helps to attract water intorepparttar 147684 cartilage for added nutrition and lubrication. It also seems to inhibit excessive cartilage destroying enzymes.

Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM) is a naturally occurring organic dietary sulphur that has been shown in studies to relieve arthritic pain, slow joint deterioration and reduce inflammation with no negative side effects.

Dogs donít usually get enough Omega 3 fatty acids in their diets. Omega 3 helps to regulate pressure inrepparttar 147685 joints, among many other things. A good source for this is fish oil capsules. Additional vitamin E will also be needed since adding more oil torepparttar 147686 body increasesrepparttar 147687 need for this vitamin.

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