Puerto Galera, Philippines – Beauty Beyond Imagining!

Written by Brett Jankowiak

It was not until I had been given my first San Miguel that I realised that this place was hot, humid and sticky. My first San Mig didn’t even touchrepparttar sides. I was back in Manila sitting atrepparttar 143527 bar inrepparttar 143528 hotel, after dropping off my bag and putting all my important documents inrepparttar 143529 safety deposit box. I took some time to reflect on my first visit to this incredibly diverse country.

When you discuss holiday destinations with people,repparttar 143530 better trodden paths arerepparttar 143531 ones most frequented, not many people I know have traveled torepparttar 143532 Philippines. Let me tell you, if you enjoy tropical islands with white powdery sand merging intorepparttar 143533 jungle on one side and then disappearing intorepparttar 143534 turquoise blue water onrepparttar 143535 other, then this isrepparttar 143536 place for you! After all there are 7,107 islands inrepparttar 143537 Philippines, take your pick!

The Philippines isrepparttar 143538 third largest English speaking country inrepparttar 143539 world, which makes getting around so much easier. Tourism has not really taken off like in neighboring Asian countries, like Thailand and Malaysia andrepparttar 143540 infrastructure is not quite there, which in a way makes it allrepparttar 143541 more exciting because your holiday will become an adventure, it can drag you down at times but once you arrive at your final destinationrepparttar 143542 trip getting there will be long forgotten.

My journey took me torepparttar 143543 resort town of Puerto Galera onrepparttar 143544 island of Mindoro. Puerto Galera isrepparttar 143545 port where Spanish Galleons use to take refuge fromrepparttar 143546 might ofrepparttar 143547 typhoons. Letting your imagination wonder a little as you glance aroundrepparttar 143548 port, you can almost seerepparttar 143549 Spanish Galleons swinging on their anchors. Puerto Galera has recently wonrepparttar 143550 2005 Most Beautiful Bay inrepparttar 143551 World Award. It is easy to see why.

Getting to Puerto Galera

From Manila you need to take a bus to Batangas which takes approximately three hours, depending onrepparttar 143552 time of day and which day it is,repparttar 143553 longest it has taken me was seven hours. From Batangas which is south ofrepparttar 143554 Philippine capital of Manila you can catch a ferry across to Puerto Galera which is about an hour to an hour and half. The trip to Batangas is pretty uneventful,repparttar 143555 real beauty starts when you get onrepparttar 143556 ferry. The water is a deep cobalt blue, if you are lucky you may even see dolphins, turtles and flying fish.

Car Rentals - Driving in unfamiliar places

Written by Carl Spanier

Car Rentals are a great way to help you navigate your way around a foreign city, providing you with a sense of both independence and adventure as you tour new locations. But whether you are an experienced or novice motorist, driving in a new location can be challenging, as you try to navigate your way through unknown streets governed by myriad rules that might be different from what you are used to.

So before you hire a car in any unfamiliar place, it is wise to first learn as much as you can about your destination, andrepparttar particular motoring laws that might apply there. Be aware of speed limits in any unfamiliar driving environment – it is always wise to find out what limits apply in different zones before you get intorepparttar 143447 car, as signage might not be as plentiful as you are used to. Read up too about parking laws, and find out whether you will require permits for any ofrepparttar 143448 locations you plan to visit – this will save you an investigation into towing information later! Find out also if there are any particular local laws or habits, and remember that simple things, such as traffic lights, may operate differently than what you are used to. Try not to take any of your driving habits for granted –repparttar 143449 things you do without thinking in your usual driving environment could very well be dangerous in an unfamiliar place.

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