"Publish an Ezine; Your Website Depends on It!"

Written by Merle

So you've done allrepparttar research, built your website and you're ready to show it off torepparttar 124325 world and make your Internet fortune. "Whoa," not so fast there, Mister. If you haven't included an ezine, your site is missing out on a major online marketing tool. Here's whyrepparttar 124326 decision to include one or not can lead to your website's success or ultimate failure.

1st Time Visitors. Let's face it:repparttar 124327 first time someone comes to your website,repparttar 124328 odds are they're going to be leary and not buy from you right away. By giving themrepparttar 124329 chance to subscribe to your newsletter you're actually giving yourself another chance to sell to them downrepparttar 124330 road. Your ezine will give them multiple incentives to visit your site and make a purchase.

Build an Opt In List. There's a reason why off-line marketers have done direct mailings for years: they work. Collecting email addresses of visitors to your website allows you to compile a list of people who want to hear from you. By signing up for your newsletter, you're given permission to market to these people on a regular basis. Your list will become your most precious marketing commodity.

Establishes Trust. The truth is, your site visitors have no idea if you're an upright business person or some mad hacker in a dark basement out to grab their credit card number. By giving themrepparttar 124331 opportunity to subscribe to your ezine you'll be able to establish a "relationship" where your subscribers will come to trust and rely upon you. By providing them with helpful information on a consistent basis you'll become someone they turn to when in need ofrepparttar 124332 types of products/services you sell.

Establish Yourself as an Expert. Let's say you're an accountant and I'm considering using your services. How do I know you're any good? Well, if you had been publishing a newsletter with helpful accounting tips and tax saving information all along, you would have established yourself as an expert in my mind.

By sharing your knowledge with others, you'll establish yourself as an expert in your field. An ezine helps you to establish credibility in your chosen subject and distinguishes you from others online who may be working in a similar vein. Berepparttar 124333 one people turn to, becomerepparttar 124334 EXPERT.

The 7 Keys To Writing Successful Articles

Written by Jason Potash

Are you writing articles?

I know. You've already heard it 100 times before. The question is not IF you're writing articles, but WHAT you're actually writing. Simply throwing a bunch of words together isn't going to get you very far.

Here's a blueprint that outlinesrepparttar 7 keys to writing successful articles. Followrepparttar 124324 7 keys and you're guaranteed to get more exposure with your articles.

Key #1: Choose a HOT Topic

You'll need to do a little research on this one. If you're already in touch withrepparttar 124325 target market for your article, this should come easy.

Research, spy, observe. Do whatever it takes to understand your target market. What issues are hot? What topics currently appear within top ezines, messageboards, ebooks?

It's also a good idea to frequently visit article directories and content sites. These sites contain current articles on a variety of popular topics. Here's a shortlist:

http://ezinearticles.com http://www.certificate.net/wwio/ http://www.ideamarketers.com http://www.marketing-seek.com http://www.goarticles.com http://www.netterweb.com

Key #2: Choose a "Magnetic" Title

Magnetic title? That's right. Your article title is your headline. If it doesn't pullrepparttar 124326 reader intorepparttar 124327 article, nothing will. Just think ... what if I called this article:

"Writing Articles" "Tips For Article Publishing" "What It Takes To Write An Article"

See what I mean? These don't pack much "punch", do they?

Your title is just like a classified ad. Look at it this way. If your article title is crowded on a webpage with 100 others, what will make it jump offrepparttar 124328 page?

Key #3: Use The AIDA Principle

Attention Interest Desire Action

This universal formula applies to your articles as well. Once you've enticed your reader to read your article (via a great title), you need to keep them reading.

The first paragraph of your article is critical. If it's dull, boring and lifeless, your reader will surely bail out. You must keep their interest right fromrepparttar 124329 start.

Try using short paragraphs, sentences and words. This will keeprepparttar 124330 tempo upbeat and make your article much easier to read (or skim, as most do online).

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