Publish a blog and boost your web traffic

Written by Sid John

Bloggers were recently name people ofrepparttar year by time magazine. Blog are one ofrepparttar 147565 hottest tools around that you can use to increase traffic to your website. Here are a few tips to get you started.

1. You don’t need to pay just use one ofrepparttar 147566 many free blogging software. You’ll get lots of storage space for your postings, don’t have to worry about bandwidth requirements and your listings will probably get picked up byrepparttar 147567 search engines in a couple of day. Just like a regular website,repparttar 147568 more often you post,repparttar 147569 more oftenrepparttar 147570 search engines will visit and followrepparttar 147571 links back to your site, your affiliate site or anywhere else that you would like them to go.

2. Post your ezine inrepparttar 147572 blog

You can also post your ezine inrepparttar 147573 blog. This is a good way to getrepparttar 147574 ezine archived online and it will get picked up by more people through your RSS feed. All ofrepparttar 147575 free blogging services offer a free feed format that you can use to syndicate content all overrepparttar 147576 web. The feeds will get your site listed on Yahoo throughrepparttar 147577 My Yahoo service, and it will automatically get picked by other bloggers and other services that will increaserepparttar 147578 amount of link backs to your blog.

3. Blogs can increase your one way links

When you post you information in a blog, you can easily sign up with other bloggers to exchange links and then prompt them to exchange links with your regular website. So, for each blogger you can get two links that will benefit your master website.

Articles wrapping guide.

Written by Dušan Drobac

Articles wrapping guide. Anybody who use a lot of free reprint articles on his website should wrap that articles with their own content. Why? There are few reasons why to do that. The main is to avoid duplicate content issues penalized by major search engines. Also with wrapping articles you content will be more appealing to your visitors. How to wrap articles? The best practice is to add your own intro and summary to articles. Try to add keyword reach but also visitor friendly content. In your intro use H1 and H2 tags because search engine spiders look for this tags before any other. Atrepparttar end of article afterrepparttar 147532 author resource box add a brief summary of article.

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