Publish a Bestseller!

Written by Jonathan R Taylor

Many of us have heardrepparttar term “residual income” many times before. It simply means getting paid over and over forrepparttar 139723 effort you have put forth one time. In sales, I may sell a product that a customer will need over and over for many years. I can expect to earn residual commissions for that one time effort.

Imagine now, writing your own book and earning on-going royalties for many years off of that effort. Now I knowrepparttar 139724 thoughts that are going through your mind, “Yeah, that would be nice, but I’m certainly no John Grisham.”

Well, you really don’t need to be in order to make an incredible living at writing and publishing. Sometimes, all it takes is a great idea. Here’s an example—Cindy Cashman took a simple idea and made over $1 million from marketing her book, Everything Men Know about Woman by Dr. Richard Harrison (her pseudonym). Here’srepparttar 139725 funny part: All 96 pages ofrepparttar 139726 book are completely blank! Women were buying her book byrepparttar 139727 caseload to give out to friends. Cindy has made enough off that one idea to completely retire.

The Chicken Soup forrepparttar 139728 Soul books have been one ofrepparttar 139729 most popular series around and they are nothing more than a compilation of individual heartwarming stories. The authors, Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen don’t have to write a word. For them, it means gathering these true stories under a particular theme and then having them edited.

Leadership Coaching – “Easier Said Than Done”

Written by Steven J. Stowell, Ph.D.

Recently at a Pharmaceutical meeting in Europe, one ofrepparttar presenters sharedrepparttar 139696 results of a recent study that demonstrated that Managers who were trained in Eight Step Coaching Skills were out selling DM’s who were not trained inrepparttar 139697 program. This quantitative data seems to support thatrepparttar 139698 cornerstone of success lies in effective leadership coaching and diagnosingrepparttar 139699 needs ofrepparttar 139700 Representatives. However, it is not simply a matter of being trained. Managers must overcome day to day hurdles to be an effective coach. It takes a knowledge ofrepparttar 139701 skills plusrepparttar 139702 courage to open up sensitive and important topics with others. It takes time, a precious commodity in a DM’s week. It takes self-control over our emotions when someone doesn’t measure up on an important mission that we, as Managers care about. When we coach, we run a risk of opening up conflict, differences, and misunderstandings that can create discomfort. In short, “coaching is easier said than done.” Butrepparttar 139703 results will be worth it if we are consistent and rigorous at using coaching skills.

Some DM's often ask us: “Is it Coaching Skills or Coaching Steps?” Clearlyrepparttar 139704 heart ofrepparttar 139705 Eight Step Coaching Model is composed of skills. The primary focus on skills and behaviors differentiatesrepparttar 139706 Eight Step Coaching Model from other coaching training. For example, we call Step One, “Be Supportive,” and it depends on skillfully listening, giving recognition, and building collaboration. Likewise, Step Two, “Definerepparttar 139707 Topic and Needs,” requiresrepparttar 139708 Manager to have good feedback skills, good questioning and inquiry skills, andrepparttar 139709 ability to define and clarify expectations.

The word “steps” simply means that there is a building process in progress when you coach. The word “steps” implies that there is a conceptual sequence. It doesn’t mean that every time you speak with a Representative you have to force yourself through every step. Sometimes you have to coach quickly. An example may be coaching in between physician calls and you want to helprepparttar 139710 Representative with their skills. In this example, you can coach “fast;” you can cut right torepparttar 139711 topic and plan. In other situations, you want to cover more steps or more skills in order to orchestrate a successful coaching experience. If you want to speak with a Representative about a larger topic, such as teamwork, goal attainment, or participation in meetings, you will definitely need to reserve more time and pull in more skills or steps. The key is flexibility. You need to knowrepparttar 139712 steps or skills thoroughly and then draw onrepparttar 139713 steps that are appropriate for each situation. As you practicerepparttar 139714 Eight Step Coaching Model and apply it often, you become more natural. The more you experiencerepparttar 139715 Model, you hardly realize that you are even followingrepparttar 139716 process.

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