Publicity and Marketing Magic For Financial Planners: The Four 'More's

Written by Ned Steele

Publicity will take your financial planning practice, your business, and your life torepparttar next level. It’s going to bring you:

--more recognition --more credibility --more value torepparttar 144513 marketplace --more business

It’s obvious that getting more publicity – exposure inrepparttar 144514 media – will yield you more marketplace recognition. But how dorepparttar 144515 other three “mores” work?

By magic mostly, I have concluded. You see, there’s something powerful, magical, and perhaps even a little irrational about this – but I have found it consistently to be true:

Something special happens when you are featured or quoted inrepparttar 144516 media. Not only do more people get to see more about you, but they somehow think more of you.

The response is almost universal--and it's a marketing dream. It goes something like this: “Oh, Jennifer must be good at what she does. I see her quoted allrepparttar 144517 time.”

Or – raise your hand ifrepparttar 144518 description fits – you’ll tear an article fromrepparttar 144519 paper because it talks about exactlyrepparttar 144520 problem or need you’re facing right now.

Maybe it’s a health concern. Or a personal finance question. Or maybe it’s just some useful information on what type of cell phone to buy.

The article quotes someone. An expert. Someone who seems to really knowrepparttar 144521 topic. “He must be good, he’s inrepparttar 144522 paper.” And you call them. Or, at a minimum, you make a mental note ofrepparttar 144523 expert’s name and you saverepparttar 144524 clipping forrepparttar 144525 day you’re ready to act. Ideal marketing.

For Financial Planners, Marketing and Publicity Is About You

Written by Ned Steele

For financial planners, getting publicity, inrepparttar end, isn’t about having contacts inrepparttar 144512 media.

Or about writing a great press release.

Inrepparttar 144513 end, it’s about one thing: it’s about you.

You, andrepparttar 144514 knowledge and expertise you share every day with your clients.

If you have any of that knowledge stuff (and you wouldn’t still be in business if you didn’t), you can get publicity. And you can use that publicity to build your business. I promise.

Byrepparttar 144515 way, I’ve encountered many financial planners alongrepparttar 144516 way who thought that getting impactful publicity was an impossible dream for them.

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