Publicity: When Calling a Reporter, Keep it Short

Written by Ned Steele

When you are planning to call a reporter forrepparttar first time, it can help to imagine that you are a phone solicitor (albeit one with terrific, useful ideas).

When phone solicitors call you, you don't want to hear a long explanation of their product. You just want to knowrepparttar 145533 basics so you can make a quick decision and get back to work.

That's why, in a first call or contact with a reporter, keep it short and sweet. Have one or two story ideas – no more – ready to convey.

Don’t try what I callrepparttar 145534 "shotgun approach"—firing away with seven or eight ideas inrepparttar 145535 hope that one will hitrepparttar 145536 mark. Would you want a phone solicitor trying to sell you that many products at once? Of course not. It’s too much forrepparttar 145537 person atrepparttar 145538 other end ofrepparttar 145539 line to absorb and process.

Freelancers Can Jump-Start Your Publicity Initiative

Written by Ned Steele

If you find that your progress is blocked by a lack of time or experience, consider hiring a freelancer to jumpstart your project.

Writer's block got you down? Don't let it. Every town has a freelance writer who can help you get a release or article written quickly. Or you can search for one nationally on one ofrepparttar free classified ad sites like Craig's List.

A good freelance writer can take your information overrepparttar 145532 phone and createrepparttar 145533 piece that you are looking for.

True, writing is not rocket science, and you can do it yourself. But if you find you’re procrastinating, put a writer on your team. You can pretty much rent ‘em byrepparttar 145534 hour orrepparttar 145535 project, so you’ll pay only for what you need.

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