Public Speaking and the Law of Expectations

Written by Mike Moore

Public Speaking and The Law of Expectations by Mike Moore

The Law of Expectations states that we move toward and eventually realize what we expect from life. If you expect to be successful, if you work hard to achieve success and if you never give up, you will achieve your expectations.

When you combinerepparttar law of expectations with visualization you compound your possibilities. If you expect to be successful and visualize yourself as successfulrepparttar 140292 likelihood of you achieving success is certain. Remember, we tend to become what we expect to become.

When applied to public speaking it looks like this. When you are hired to give a speech expect it to be a sparkling, enthusiastic success. Visualize yourself as an interesting, witty, well informed master ofrepparttar 140293 art who totally enjoysrepparttar 140294 subject andrepparttar 140295 audience. Hold this expectation and vision in your mind firmly. Don’t let go of it for anything. Repeat over and over,” I tend to become what I expect to become and achieve what I expect to achieve.”

Busy Beavers Build Piles Of Sticks

Written by Steve Gillman

Well, you're just a busy beaver, aren't you?" You've either heard or used this cliche, but what do you know about beavers? Let me tell you about something I learned.

One night onrepparttar Discovery Channel, I watched a scientist determine how beavers knew where to putrepparttar 140199 sticks to build their dams. It's byrepparttar 140200 sound of water, he discovered. A recording of running water would soon haverepparttar 140201 beavers busy coveringrepparttar 140202 tape player with sticks. He could get them to build useless piles of sticks anywhere he wanted.

What a great metaphor! Aren't we often building useless piles of sticks? We keep busy, responding to whatever drives us, but without doing anything truly productive. My personal favorite is making redundant to-do lists, or adding something already done to my list, just to check it off. Talk about a useless pile of sticks!

Efficiency Versus Effectiveness

It's worth noting thatrepparttar 140203 beavers were very efficient at piling sticks on tape recorders. It didn't helprepparttar 140204 dam construction one bit, of course. Efficiency clearly doesn't equal effectiveness, but is it so obvious in our own lives?

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