Public Schools Can Waste 12 Years Of Your Child’s Life

Written by Joel Turtel

For over fifty years, public-school officials and politicians have tried one education fad after another. They have all failed. Children should not be turned into victims and educational guinea pigs by public-school authorities. Here's why public schools can waste 12 years of your children’s lives and destroy their love of learning:

1. These schools teach children to read withrepparttar whole-language method (now called "balanced-reading instruction"), which cripples children’s ability to read. That is why after 12 years, millions of graduating high-school students have poor reading skills, and some students can barely read their own diplomas.

2. Public schools teachrepparttar 144024 “new” or fuzzy math which can cripple a child’s ability to do math and destroy their self-confidence. A child who is afraid of math won’t haverepparttar 144025 confidence to pursue a career in science, computers, or engineering, thereby cutting them off from these rewarding careers.

3. Because these schools can cripple children’s ability to read, they must force children to read dumbed-down textbooks in English, History, and many other subjects. These textbooks are geared torepparttar 144026 slowest learners inrepparttar 144027 class and water-downrepparttar 144028 subject matter. These dumbed-down courses therefore waste children’s time.

4. Most “teaching” in public-schools consists of students having to memorize facts from dumbed-down textbooks, only to regurgitate these same facts on dumbed-down tests. John Holt, in his book, “How Children Fail” points out that most students forgetrepparttar 144029 facts they memorized within a few weeks afterrepparttar 144030 test. So most children learn little from their classes except how to cram their heads with useless facts which they soon forget. This goes on for 12 years.

5. Public schools force children to study subjects they hate, can’t do, will never use in their lives, or which bore them. For example, many schools force students to study geometry and trigonometry, French or another foreign language, or world history. Children should be studying subjects they love and are good at. When they have to study subjects that bore them,repparttar 144031 only thing children learn is to hate learning.

Which Potty Chair You Need For Potty Training?

Written by Janice Caller

Tool is a good word forrepparttar items you’ll need to pull this job off right! The first thing you should consider buying is a potty chair. You can let your child tag along forrepparttar 144023 ride. It’s important for your child to feel likerepparttar 144024 potty chair belongs to him. He’ll certainly feel that way if your kid is like mine. Let him pick it out. You’ll be glad you did.

Types of Potty Chairs

Can you believe that there are two types of potties? I know. That is unfair, considering we only have one! The potty chair that resembles a little toilet isrepparttar 144025 most expensive. It costs anywhere from $20.00 to $30.00. It makes it easy for toddlers to sit down and get up. Plus,repparttar 144026 lid gives your child good back support. It is a big favorite for a lot of parents.

Parents like it so much becauserepparttar 144027 potty chair stands alone on a base. Some of these potties are decorated with dolls, trucks or bunnies. There are also some potty’s that play music. I like this type of potty because it is easy to use. You can also take it with you. Best of all, it has a lid so you can keep it closed on those good days.

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