Public School Sex-Education Classes --- Bad News For Parents And Children

Written by Joel Turtel

One of parents’ most important duties is to protect their children from harmful sexual values and behaviors. Yet many public schools force potentially harmful, sometimes shockingly explicit sex education on their students.

Most ofrepparttar time, parents have no control overrepparttar 145945 content of these classes. Occasionally, a group of parents finds out about a particularly obnoxious sex education class and protests torepparttar 145946 principal or local school board. The class may be dropped, only to be replaced by another class that teaches equally objectionable material.

School authorities’ cavalier attitude towards parents on this issue shows their anti-parent bias, and their contempt for parents’ rights to controlrepparttar 145947 values their children are taught.

Many school authorities insist that children need comprehensive sex education from kindergarten through high school. They believe parents can't be trusted because they have shameful feelings about sex or have “outdated” moral or sexual values. School authorities, claiming that they know best regarding sex education, usurprepparttar 145948 parents’ role, allegedly forrepparttar 145949 good ofrepparttar 145950 children. In doing so, they show contempt for parents’ rights, values, and common sense.

Many sex-education classes indoctrinate children with sexual values that can cause them irreparable harm. For example, these classes often promoterepparttar 145951 idea that most sexual behaviors are acceptable, including adultery, homosexuality, masturbation, and premarital sex.

The sex-education instructor simply tellsrepparttar 145952 kids to "be careful" or use their "common sense" when they engage in these behaviors. As if we can depend on teenagers with raging hormones to be careful or use their common sense. The soaring teen pregnancy rate in this country putsrepparttar 145953 lie to this notion.

Horror stories about sex education classes and flagrant violations of parents’ rights confront us from aroundrepparttar 145954 country. Here are only four of those stories:

• On March 19, 1996, a public school in East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania made 59 sixth-grade girls submit to a genital examination as part of a routine physical. The school did not ask for parental consent. Duringrepparttar 145955 exam, school officials blockedrepparttar 145956 exit doors and refused to letrepparttar 145957 crying and pleading young girls call their parents.

Grandparents --- Homeschool Your Grandchildren And Feel Younger

Written by Joel Turtel

Grandparents, what better way to stay close to your grown children than to advise them about important issues likerepparttar dangers of public schools for your grandchildren? What better way to feel younger if you offer to help homeschool your grandchildren?

When your children grow up and get careers of their own, that doesn't mean you have to be lonely in a big, empty house and lose contact with your kids. Helping to homeschool your grandchildren can be a wonderful way for you to stay in close and loving contact with your grown children and grandchildren. You can be a loving part ofrepparttar 145879 family again.

If you read "Public Schools, Public Menace," tell your grown children about how your grandkids are in real danger by going to public schools. Don't let your grandchildren's mind's, self-confidence, and love of learning go to waste in public schools. Give your grown childrenrepparttar 145880 book to read.

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