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Written by Kevin Sullivan

As a worker inrepparttar domain industry, I was surprised byrepparttar 108325 difference between this year and last inrepparttar 108326 Super Bowl. No, I didn't necessarily care aboutrepparttar 108327 teams involved, but I am an avid watcher ofrepparttar 108328 commercials every year, and took note ofrepparttar 108329 fact that it seemed about half ofrepparttar 108330 ads one year ago were for .com companies. This year, there were very few by comparisonů Traffic. The Internet game is all about traffic. It's a simple equation- visitors = $$. Whether they are buying your products or driving up your ad revenues, visitors to your website arerepparttar 108331 key to your success. There are, of course, many ways to increase traffic to your site. It would appear, though, that spending more than a million bucks on a 30-second commercial is not a cost-effective method, as many of those companies inrepparttar 108332 2000 Super Bowl discovered. One method that is cost-effective is not effectively utilized by many webmasters. Most webmasters I know have just one domain name for their site. As a simple rule, though,repparttar 108333 more ways there are to find you,repparttar 108334 more you will be found. Your company name, obviously, is a great place to start. I, like many other contemporary websurfers, am a "web-guesser". If I'm looking for The Widget Company, Inc., I'll type in "" and get their website more often than not. Ifrepparttar 108335 webmaster for The Widget Company is smart, though, he'll also have "", "" and "" pointing torepparttar 108336 same site. Real-life example- Coca-Cola. Their official website is They also own, however,,, and, along with a whole host of others. One offshoot ofrepparttar 108337 company name is variants. Have you ever lamentedrepparttar 108338 state of

Domain Name Dispute Resolution

Written by John MacKenzie

.COM companies are allrepparttar rage withrepparttar 108324 stock market riding high and falling asrepparttar 108325 mood shifts. Everybody it appears is going on-line and there has been a massive rush to register all manner of domain names. In February 2000 there were over 200,000 domains registered compared to just under 15,000 atrepparttar 108326 same time last year and there were just under 9,500,000 .com domains registered by 1st March 2000! The domain name is seen as central to any marketing strategy as it isrepparttar 108327 "sign post" torepparttar 108328 web site hopefully worth millions!

However, due torepparttar 108329 simple fact thatrepparttar 108330 internet is global, there are not enough domain names to go round and problems arise when there are competing businesses withrepparttar 108331 same name. To address this problemrepparttar 108332 World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO) through their Arbitration and Mediation Centre established a dispute resolution service to allow a cheap and effective means of resolving disputes without going to court. It followsrepparttar 108333 Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) dispute resolution policy which deals with disputes concerning .com, .net, and .org domain names.

The ICANN procedure is only available for disputes concerning allegedly "abusive" registration ofrepparttar 108334 domain name. There are three criteria that have to be met.

1.The domain name is identical or confusingly similar to a trademark or servicemark in whichrepparttar 108335 complainer has rights;

2.The domain name holder has no rights or legitimate interests inrepparttar 108336 domain name; and

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