Public-School Prisons —-- What Crimes Have Our Children Committed?

Written by Joel Turtel

What are prisons? They are places were people are locked up against their will for crimes they have committed.

What is life like for a prisoner? The warden and prison guards, in effect, take awayrepparttar prisoner’s life and freedom. They force a prisoner to live in a small cell he doesn’t want to live in, eat food he may hate, work at a job he detests, associate with other prisoners who may be dangerous, and remove him from everyone and everything he loved inrepparttar 145241 outside world when he was free.

So why have we put our children into educational prisons called public schools? What crimes have they committed? Why do we condemn almost 45 million innocent children to this punishment? Do I exaggerate by calling these schools “prisons?” Well, let’s compare prisons and public schools.

Like prisons, public schools impose their will by force, by compulsion. Local governments force parents to send their children to public schools just asrepparttar 145242 police drag convicted criminals into prison (even though many parents are not aware of this and voluntarily send their kids to these schools). A parent can be convicted of alleged child abuse and sent to prison if she disobeysrepparttar 145243 school authority’s order to send her child torepparttar 145244 local public school.

Local governments then force parents to pay school taxes for these education prisons. If they don’t pay these taxes, their local government will foreclose on their home and throw them out onrepparttar 145245 street.

School authorities force children to stay in school until they are 16 years old or graduate high school (these age limits vary by state). In effect, most children get a 10-year education prison sentence if they start school at age six.

School authorities force millions of children to sit in boxes called classrooms with 20 other children-inmates for six to eight hours a day, five days a week, for up to ten years. The children must obeyrepparttar 145246 adult education wardens (teachers and principals), who they may fear or dislike. They must study subjects they may hate or that bore them to death. They must associate only with other children their same age who may be bullies, violent, or emotionally disturbed. They must do homework and study for tests they must pass or be left back in school.

The children are removed from their loving parents and put underrepparttar 145247 control of teacher-wardens who may not love them, care for them, or simply even haverepparttar 145248 time to pay attention to them. They are stopped from being a free and free-spirited child. They are told to keep quiet. They are told to obeyrepparttar 145249 rules. They are told to march from classroom cell to classroom cell every 50 minutes to study different subject that may mean nothing to them.

What to do if the Baby Shower Guests don't know each other

Written by Randy Wilson

What ifrepparttar baby shower guests don't know each other?

A baby shower is a simple celebration of family and friends to celebraterepparttar 145240 upcoming birth of a new baby. It is a great tradition aroundrepparttar 145241 world in many religions and ethnicities.

With a little bit of difference from place to placerepparttar 145242 basic motto remainsrepparttar 145243 same. To showerrepparttar 145244 new mom-to-be with flowers and gifts.

Anyone can planrepparttar 145245 baby shower. Traditionally baby shower guests consisted mostly of close friends and family members. But these days anyone can be invited as a baby shower guests, such as co-workers, friends, friends of friend, relatives and church groups etc.

Generally there are no specific guidelines or rules for baby showers. Anything is fine as long as everyone is having a good time.

Whenrepparttar 145246 baby shower guests arrive, usually they gather in a hall or big room. The mom-to-be will be sitting along a few close friends. Upon arrival ofrepparttar 145247 baby shower guests, everyone should be offered some beverages and/or light snacks.

Most ofrepparttar 145248 timerepparttar 145249 baby shower guests know each other. But in case they don’t, it is up torepparttar 145250 hostess to introducerepparttar 145251 guests to each other.

Handwritten or computer generated name tags or slips can be made and attached to everyone withrepparttar 145252 help of straight/safety pins. Or,repparttar 145253 baby shower hostess can hot glue some dried flowers, mini rattles, baby bottles, ribbons etc. to use as name tags.

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