Psychology Sells

Written by Terry Telford

It's no secret. The more you know aboutrepparttar psychology of selling,repparttar 127339 more sales you will make. If you do business on repparttar 127340 internet, it is extremely important that you know how to effectively communicate to your audience usingrepparttar 127341 written word. The problem is, your audience isn't one massive, homogonous blob made up of allrepparttar 127342 same stuff. Each person in your audience is different and responds to different messages in different ways.

Luckily, psychologists have narrowedrepparttar 127343 blob down to six personality traits with specific hot buttons. When you push as many of these hot buttons as you can, using perfectly polished copy, you increase your profits. And that'srepparttar 127344 whole point, isn't it?

Take a look atrepparttar 127345 list of personalities and their Hot buttons. See where you fit in and then incorporate as many hot buttons as you can intorepparttar 127346 copy of your sales letters, email, website and any other promotional material that you produce.

Fact Finders These people are obsessed with specifics. The more specifics and hard numbers that you can use,repparttar 127347 more likely you are to turn these people into customers. HOTBUTTONS: Facts, numbers, statistics

Scratch-My-Backers This group of people are motivated to action when you display a willingness to do something for them in return for their action. HOTBUTTONS: Rewards, incentives

Tried and Truers Some 'Tried and Truers' are actually scared to try new things. These people need to know that they are notrepparttar 127348 first ones to try out this new idea. They need to know that what ever you are offering has been tried before and has proven successful. HOTBUTTONS: Examples of other's success, testimonials

3 Steps To Keeping A Customer For Life

Written by Noel Peebles

The relationship between a customer and your company is more complicated than it appears. It's not a simple matter ofrepparttar customer handing over some money in return for a product or service. Certain conditions have to be met beforerepparttar 127338 customer feels comfortable enough to make a buying decision.

Here are three steps your customers want you to get right, before they'll make up their mind to buy from your company.

1. Welcome them.

Make them feel wanted. People will gravitate like magnets to a company that makes them feel important and appreciated. There is a whole range of subtle signals that tell customers whether you're happy to see them. Your tone of voice, your facial expression, your posture, evenrepparttar 127339 way you're dressed - all these things send powerful messages.

2. Understand them.

Show empathy. Don't just understand fromrepparttar 127340 head; understand on a feeling level also. Look for clues in their tone of voice and body language. One customer may be afraid to ask a question because they don't want to appear ignorant? Well, your job is to give themrepparttar 127341 information in a non-threatening way. Another customer may use aggressive behaviour as a way of getting some attention? You should recognize this and massage their ego in a way that will calm them down and redirect their focus.

3. Make them feel special.

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