Psychology, Philosophy and the Paranormal: Do You Wonder About Ghosts?

Written by Gloria Young

Beginning in 1992 when I first decided to become a ghost hunter, it never occurred to me that I would end up quitting my job and focusing strictly on paranormal investigation. This has become my new career. I made this decision after a series of occurrences while investigating some buildings and, having no explanation for these occurrences, decided to search for an answer.

Today, over ten years later, I have discovered that there is no answer...just more questions. This led me to again attempt to discover what secrets and mysteries lie beneath what I cannot see. Ghost hunting has become a passion for me to search for answers but a hot and trendy item for today's people interested in getting a thrill. I decided early on that I would make my attempts at educatingrepparttar public and it would be up to them to decide if paranormal activity exists or not. I picked up as much literature on various subjects regardingrepparttar 122237 paranormal as I could. I read anything I could to get various theories with which to base my investigations on.

I discovered thatrepparttar 122238 paranormal delves into psychology and that it isrepparttar 122239 use ofrepparttar 122240 mind,repparttar 122241 body and its' senses which may contribute to having a paranormal experience. I learned that there are no experts in this field. There are no possible ways that science can send a man from this dimension or earthly plane torepparttar 122242 "other world" and back again and be able to talk about what he has seen. Unfortunately, near death experience is notrepparttar 122243 same thing.

Psychology andrepparttar 122244 paranormal are very similar in that there are many times when an occurrence is merely psychological and not paranormal and vice versa. Investigations have shown that occurrences involving younger, pre-pubescent children are possibly made up fromrepparttar 122245 internal energy or "raging hormones" of these children. They are independent, coming-of-age and rebellious. They want to speak their mind and are told they must keep quiet. They are keeping all this energy within themselves and are struggling withrepparttar 122246 ability of how to release it. As time passes andrepparttar 122247 children find they can no longer maintainrepparttar 122248 air of quiet, they release this energy inrepparttar 122249 form of activity which demonstrates itself by slamming doors, shutting windows, bangings, thuds, creaks and groaning noises.

The term "poltergeist" is German for "poltern" to knock and "Geist" spirit, or a noisy, usually mischievous ghost held to be responsible for unexplained noises (as rappings). We have learned over many different studies that children are unaware of these occurrences being based onrepparttar 122250 energy they emit. It's easier to blame these things on a ghost. However, working with them on investigations and under controlled circumstances, we discover that it is possiblyrepparttar 122251 energy they are emitting. Of course, it is impossible to know with 100% accuracy if this is indeedrepparttar 122252 case and it isrepparttar 122253 children, but once we have made our conclusions and shared them withrepparttar 122254 host family,repparttar 122255 activity seems to go away or at least be diminished.

When taking a philosophical look atrepparttar 122256 paranormal, we find that everybody has a story regardingrepparttar 122257 paranormal, or everybody has a friend who had an experience. Nonetheless, most people really don't want to have an experience themselves. They are willing to listen to other people's stories and be amazed at what has happened but looking atrepparttar 122258 whole picture of say, perhaps seeing a ghost is not something they want to have happen.

Ghost Hunting 101 - You Can Hunt Ghosts Too!!

Written by Gloria Young

During each lecture I do, people ask me if I can explain in simple terms how to hunt ghosts. Following each question, I chuckle and tell them that it isn't as hard as it seems, in fact, anyone can do it. What does it take to be a ghost hunter? Let me tell you exactly what you might need to be a ghost hunter. As time goes on, you may wish to increase your arsenal of items to become more proficient.

There is no special piece of equipment you need to be a ghost hunter. The list is simple and can be interchanged for anyone's personal needs.

Let me take this opportunity to explain what we believe ghosts to be. Ghost hunting is merely theory and conjecture. Throughrepparttar study of many different theories and scientific reports, we have derivedrepparttar 122236 possibility of where ghosts come from. The bodies we wear are merely a shell forrepparttar 122237 energy we hold inside. We came from energy before we were born and we will return to energy when we die. This is simple physics as well asrepparttar 122238 circle of life. Ghosts are made up of this energy. When we die, it is presumed that we have come from this energy and therefore, that is what we will return to. We dispose of this body that we have worn out so completely andrepparttar 122239 energy leaves it. Remember, ghosts are people too. They have died and become ghosts keepingrepparttar 122240 same attitudes, personalities and emotions they had when they were alive. So, if you were a crabby, grumpy person in life, you will be a crabby, grumpy person as a ghost. If you were a happy, peppy person in life, you will berepparttar 122241 same as a ghost.

That being said,repparttar 122242 first item on our list of necessities for ghost hunting is keeping an open mind. The best thing you can do for yourself every day besides showering and cleaning yourself up is to meditate. Meditation is good for your body, mind and soul. It opens you up to what surrounds us every day. It allows your mind to breathe and to think. You are able to completely free yourself from allrepparttar 122243 stress and repetitive tasks you must undertake each day. Meditation is something I suggest doing daily. This is a great start for a ghost hunter. Keep an open mind and with it you will be able to feel, hear and possibly, see ghosts. While doing that be sure to keep an open mind torepparttar 122244 possibility that ghosts do exist. You want to be sure to keeprepparttar 122245 positive feelings and energy going. They will feel more welcome and you will feel better as well.

Next, have a flashlight. It doesn't matter where you choose to do your ghost hunting, a flashlight is imperative. Night time isrepparttar 122246 best time for ghost hunting and you need to see where you are going. If you decide to enter a cemetery at night, besides getting permission first, you want to make sure you are not falling intorepparttar 122247 open grave that is to be used for someone inrepparttar 122248 future. You don't want to be tripping over sticks, logs, rocks or anything else and you don't want to twist your ankle in a smaller hole merely because you didn't see it. If you want to keep yourself in a bit more secrecy, you can get a flashlight with a red lens. This limitsrepparttar 122249 light but still allows you to be able to see where you are going.

You will want to have a companion. Never, ever, EVER go anywhere by yourself. If something happens to you, no one will know where you are going. It is a good idea to tell someone, anyone where you will be going forrepparttar 122250 night, then take a companion with you. If you fall and hurt yourself, who will go for help? Who will be able to help you? A companion not only can validate and authenticate anything that happens to you but might also save your life.

With that companion, bring a cell phone and make sure you have service. Sometimes, even though you might have a good cellular plan, you won't get service in certain areas. Make sure you haverepparttar 122251 phone for those times you may find yourself lost or in trouble. Carry it somewhere that it won't fall out of your pocket or be destroyed if you fall and can be easily reached.

Also, take a whistle. If you are two women, please take a whistle. Although you may be in a secluded spot, having a whistle just may help you in times of necessity.

Take a camera. Take any camera. There should be no particular camera you take with you. It can be a still camera, videocamera, disposable camera, 35 mm camera. Be sure you know how to use it, take extra film and be sure to take at least two extra sets of batteries. When dealing with ghosts, sometimes they may needrepparttar 122252 energy from your camera orrepparttar 122253 batteries and you may find they drain quickly. It's not that they are bad batteries unless you have had them in your home for two years or so. Ghosts sometimes need energy to produce an outcome and this is one place where they may deriverepparttar 122254 energy from.

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