Psychics canít believe the growth in their popularity

Written by Elspeth Newman

Jenny pulled a card from her tarot card deck. "The Four of Swords -- it's shown itself again," she said with a sigh. "I feel like there's a two-month period you're waiting for." The beneficiary of Jenny's tarot reading, Samantha, had indeed just landed a temporary two-month job as an office manager in Sydney, to tide her over until University started. Some may say that Jenny may have made a lucky guess, but more and more people are beginning to believe otherwise. In this unpredictable world, psychics are busier than ever. Psychic readings are indeed changing said tarot reader Jenny. "I see more interest in long-range planning instead of love and 'will I live happily ever after?'" Belief inrepparttar paranormal has also spread well beyondrepparttar 122276 small communities it use to be used in. A recent Gallup poll found that one in two Americans believes in extrasensory perception. Fifty-four percent believe in psychic or spiritual healing, and almost three in 10 say they believe in witches andrepparttar 122277 figures are higher for Australia.

'Bridging the Gap' - A Novel Review

Written by C. Bailey-Lloyd/Lady Camelot

'Bridgingrepparttar Gap' - A Novel Review by C. Bailey-Lloyd

When Intuitive Consultant, Scott Christiansen presented me with "Bridgingrepparttar 122275 Gap," I had no perception how profoundly liberating this spiritually enlightening passage would be.

I say, "passage," as Bridgingrepparttar 122276 Gap is more than just another metaphysical book, it is a journey intorepparttar 122277 self - and positive exploration thereof. Additionally, Mr. Christansen's book demonstrates how to achieve conscious coexistence between human belief systems and metaphysical planes.

If one can manage to put this compelling novel aside long enough to investigate Chapter Eight's invitation, he will discover how to reinvent his entire essence of life and living.

Poignant: Bridgingrepparttar 122278 Gap is an evolutional doorway revealing limits we place upon ourselves through preconceptual idealism and teachings; And explains how to constructively merge faith, intellect andrepparttar 122279 world of metaphysics into one, awakened spiritual being.

From his masterfully crafted words, Scott asks, "...Isrepparttar 122280 new you ready for your new life? Are you ready to create and manifest your own reality? Are you prepared to makerepparttar 122281 necessary changes in your lifestyle and choices to accomplish this? Are you ready to focus onrepparttar 122282 positive, eliminaterepparttar 122283 negative and giverepparttar 122284 best of your new knowledge to yourself and those you love? Ifrepparttar 122285 answer is yes, then I welcome you to your new life!"

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