Psychic Phenomenon: Gifts, Powers, or Abilities?

Written by Christin Snyder

Psychic Phenomenon: Gifts, Powers, or Abilities? by Christin Snyder

In my work as a psychic who seeks to mentor those developing their own skills, I find it important to mention this subject. I refer to psychic abilities as just what they are - skills or abilities. The other terms I find to be damaging as they infer that this is unatainable by others, or that psychic senses are much more “supernatural” than they actually are.

Often I hear others speak of their developing abilities as “gifts”, as though they were so special that God gave them this unique and special ability and not others. Unfortunately, many famous psychics also do this, insinuate that some great mystical super-secret society power has been bestowed on them. This is harmful to those who would love to develop psychically but feel that they “aren't enough” somehow, or haven't been “chosen”.

Are psychic abilities gifts? Indeed they are. Those of us who have developed them recognize that we are blessed, but I also recognize that every breath I take on this planet is also a gift. I also know that we all breathe. Therefor oxygen, while still a beautiful, precious gift that should not be taken for granted, is something that we can all partake in. Psychic ability is no different. Just as everyone can pick up a pencil and write with it, everyone can also learn to develop some form of psychic skill set. Not everyone will become a pulitzer prize winning novelist, or famous poet, but that doesn't stop all ofrepparttar rest of us from writing, so why should it stop beginners in Metaphysical studies from even trying? It is amazing to merepparttar 122315 number of people who come to me and say “I don't think I am gifted?” or “Can you tell me if I have gifts?”. My answer: Are you standing here, breathing, having a life experience right now? then yes you are gifted. The key is not focusing on lack or what one doesn't have, but appreciating what is.

Psychic abilities are not elusive foreign phenomenon that onlyrepparttar 122316 chosen few can bring forward, they are an innate set of senses, hidden deep withinrepparttar 122317 psyche and soul of each being that must be allowed to be brought forward. Many people don't agree with this, they believe that because they want psychic abilities that they must already be allowing it and it just isn't coming. This is very untrue. Developing these skills means adjusting to a different reality that what is presently understood and accepted both by society andrepparttar 122318 individual. The body/mind have a natural resistance to this in place as a protective mechanism. In order to reach our fullest potential psychically, we have to work at peeling awayrepparttar 122319 barriers. It can take considerable time and effort to allow these abilities to manifest to their fullest potential, and as with anything worth having they require persistence and dedication.

The Joan of Arc Complex

Written by Skye Thomas

Sometimes I think that I have a mental health problem and that at any minuterepparttar pharmaceutical companies are going to develop a cute little green star-shaped pill to cure me of my ailment. I call it my Joan of Arc Complex. You see, I hear voices that I'm pretty sure aren't mine and they tell me to go out and do these stupid saverepparttar 122314 world projects. I call them THEY or THEM because they refuse to give me a more accurate name to call them. So, I must be crazy.

I've spent a lot of years analyzingrepparttar 122315 heck out of this topic. Here arerepparttar 122316 eerie facts. I have no control whatsoever as to when and how THEY show up. I am absolutely convinced that THEY are something separate from me, my 'Higher Self,' or my imagination. I have no influence over THEM and what THEY believe. THEY have a higher accuracy rate at predicting my future than most ofrepparttar 122317 psychics I know. THEY refuse to 'serve' me and do not require that I 'serve' THEM. We are both free to endrepparttar 122318 relationship at any time. Therefore, I believe THEY are real.

I've spent a lot of time trying to figure out who or what THEY are. When I ask, THEY typically just chuckle and say something cosmically vague like, "We arerepparttar 122319 light before it shines,repparttar 122320 medicine before it cures,repparttar 122321 song before it's sung." Yeah great, that helps a lot, thanks guys. I've come to a place that for my own personal understanding and forrepparttar 122322 ability to be able to even talk about it to others, I call THEM angels. It 'feels' accurate. THEY are not opposed to such titles. Apparently THEY have been referred to as such for quite some time now and THEY seem to think it's a rather quaint concept that we've used to wrap our heads aroundrepparttar 122323 idea of them.

So I hear angels telling me to go out and do good works. More than half of my articles are really their messages. I find myself sometimes in awe ofrepparttar 122324 things that I write. Sure it's all stuff that I think or believe, but often I didn't even know that I knew that stuff until it came out of me. It's likerepparttar 122325 book on overcoming fear and doubt caused by our inner-critic. I didn't have a clue what to say or why I even needed to write on that topic. But, as it came out day after day, I found myself amazed and strangely impressed that THEY took all of these seemingly separate ideas and beliefs that had been rattling around in my head and THEY pulled it all together into that book. Cool! I had no idea that I knew that much aboutrepparttar 122326 topic. I just sat there with my coffee cup every morning and asked THEM what did they want me to say. Next thing you know, there's this pretty cool book with some really nice tips and ideas. I had to learnrepparttar 122327 lessons of that book before I could even begin to dorepparttar 122328 other works THEY told me I was to do. Funny thing, telling someone you've written a book about overcoming fear and doubt but you're too chicken to submit it to a publisher! Beautiful irony.

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