Pruning Your Orchid Plants

Written by Robert Roy

Pruning Your Orchid

The flowers have all died and when should you cutrepparttar stalk back and how far?

Pruning an orchid stalk (spike) should cause no harm to repparttar 113416 plant. However, some orchids will produce new bloom shoots fromrepparttar 113417 nodes onrepparttar 113418 old blossom stalk, or some plants will produce small baby plants (pups) from these nodes. The new plants may be removed and potted after they develop roots. Of course, some orchids do neither of these things. In either case, it doesn't hurtrepparttar 113419 plant if you removerepparttar 113420 old bloom stalk; you may just miss some new blossoms or a baby plant.

Caring for a Living Christmas Tree

Written by Sherri Allen

The Christmas season brings with it many decisions to be made. Among them is, "What type of Christmas tree should I put up?" This year, consider a living Christmas tree. Not only will you enjoy it throughrepparttar holidays, but a living tree can be planted inrepparttar 113415 garden to enhance your landscape and spark wonderful memories for years to come.

To allow your living tree to thrive in your garden, you must provide it with a small amount of special care. The following tips fromrepparttar 113416 National Christmas Tree Association will help ensure your living tree's success:

The adaptability ofrepparttar 113417 species should be considered. Many species are shipped outside of their natural area and may not be adaptable to other areas. Check with a reliable nursery or extension forester.

Keep in mind that living trees are VERY heavy and bulky. A six foot tall balled and burlapped tree will weigh as much as 250 pounds.

Protectrepparttar 113418 tree fromrepparttar 113419 elements. The tree should be stored in an unheated, sheltered area such as a garage or porch, out ofrepparttar 113420 wind and sun. Do not exposerepparttar 113421 tree to freezing temperatures at any time.

The tree will need adequate water. The root ball or soil should be kept slightly damp but not flooded. Wraprepparttar 113422 root ball of a balled tree in plastic or place in a tub while it is inrepparttar 113423 house.

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