Providing a Target Yields Better Results

Written by Kathleen J. Wheelihan

Did you ever wonder why employees don’t always get their best possible results for job performance? While there are many possible reasons, one that is simple to resolve is to start off with clear expectations forrepparttar job.

Imagine a military operation where no target has been defined. It would be almost impossible to succeed. Individuals may feel compelled to choose their own targets to feel a sense of accomplishment, or may take no action at all. They wouldn’t understand how their actions fit in withrepparttar 141066 overall strategic plan ofrepparttar 141067 campaign, and therefore it would be difficult to make a meaningful contribution. The same thing can happen inrepparttar 141068 workplace.

Clear expectations removerepparttar 141069 guesswork that can cause employees to dorepparttar 141070 wrong work, do work inrepparttar 141071 wrong way, or even do no meaningful work at all. The results can be frustrating for you and your employees and can lead to greater problems such as dissatisfied customers, higher costs, lower productivity and profits, lost business, unmotivated employees, employee turnover, or worse, safety hazards and accidents, or in extreme cases, loss of life.

Expectations are given in many forms. A few ofrepparttar 141072 ways supervisors and managers can provide targets for employees include:

* Company or department mission statement; * Departmental and individual goals to support corporate plans; * Job descriptions; * Policies and procedures; * Safety standards; and * Leading by example.

Expectations can also be established usingrepparttar 141073 following six-step process in an interactive discussion with employees: * Describerepparttar 141074 job in terms of its major outcomes and how it fits intorepparttar 141075 larger picture. * Agree on measurable performance criteria. * Mutually identify necessary skills, resources, and guidelines. * Determine priorities. * Review and check for understanding and commitment. * Set a date for an early progress review.

CRM - Everyone You Meet is Fighting a Hard Battle

Written by Meredith Gossland

Relationships... Money... Health..The Past...Failure..Mental and Spiritual Battles..Time Constraints...Professional pressures..

At any given moment you, your clients, and employees are dealing with one orrepparttar other of these challenges in life. No one has escaped from this life untouched by problems, both big and small. No matter how people may appear onrepparttar 141065 outside, they battle with some problem that is unmanageable onrepparttar 141066 inside. The clearer this is to usrepparttar 141067 easier it is to be extrodinarily kind to others.

But if we are also suffering how is it possible to do this? It is not easy, it is a learned skill. It needs to be taught to all your employees. It must be practiced and practiced until it becomes habit. This habit needs to be policy and employees need to be encouraged daily untilrepparttar 141068 habit is developed.

Customer Relationships are built on this knowledge. Why people act a certain way is always based on their level of life challenges at a given moment. This includes both employees and customers.

We cannot solve all their problems nor should we, butrepparttar 141069 fact that a person might be struggling in their personal or professional life needs to inrepparttar 141070 back of our mind whenever we deal with people.

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