Proven two minutes magic exercise to conqure the fear of phone

Written by Peter Benson

I got a confession to make!The little communication device used to scare me to death!

I would pick ip up and dial a prospect and whenrepparttar phone rings my heart would start pounding wishing thatrepparttar 135936 recipient does,t pickrepparttar 135937 phone up.Whenrepparttar 135938 phone is picked, guess what?

My home business was rationalised and crippled byrepparttar 135939 fear of phone.The telephone is a very essential tool to expose your business.Some persons have become millionaires due to usingrepparttar 135940 phone proficiently.

However, when I discoveredrepparttar 135941 two minute exercise a new world opened converting me into a calling machine.Despiterepparttar 135942 fact that English is not my first language,I have a commanding personality overrepparttar 135943 phone.

I will show yourepparttar 135944 magic pill to eliminaterepparttar 135945 fear of phone in record time.It doesn't matterrepparttar 135946 level of your fears but be assured thatrepparttar 135947 exercise works.

Are you ready? Lets takerepparttar 135948 ride!

First and foremost acknowledgerepparttar 135949 fact thatrepparttar 135950 phone does not cause fear we talk on it everyday.The potential negative results and perceived failure fromrepparttar 135951 call createsrepparttar 135952 uncomfortable feelings that leads to avoidance.

Here isrepparttar 135953 simple exercise:

List down as many telephone contacts as possible.Your contacts must comprise of warm list[people that you know] and cold leads. You can order a list of telephone leads regardless ofrepparttar 135954 quality. Write down a script in relation to your business.

Freelance Tips: How to Cope with Spring Fever When There's Work to Be Done

Written by Dina Giolitto,

We all know how glorious those first warm days of spring feel. The trees are blooming,repparttar birds are singing... boy, it's sure hard to keep your head out ofrepparttar 135790 clouds whenrepparttar 135791 skies are blue andrepparttar 135792 sun's shining brightly. But if you're outside enjoyingrepparttar 135793 warm weather... who's running your business?

Spring fever is a notorious distractor for those of us trying to earn a living on our own. There's no stern manager telling us we'd better hurry back from lunch. There's no one to stop us from cutting out early and cruising down torepparttar 135794 local outdoor restaurant, slipping on our jogging shoes and heading off torepparttar 135795 park, or venturing over torepparttar 135796 mall for a reckless afternoon of shopping for spring fashions. So with no Big Brother to scold us, how can a freelancer keep springtime distractors from affecting productivity? Here are seven tips.

1. Shift your schedule forward or back a couple of hours. If you normally sit down to work at 9 a.m., try getting up a couple of hours earlier. You can wind down at about 3 p.m. and haverepparttar 135797 afternoon/evening for yourself. Or, if you're not a morning person, ease into your day with some mindless activities; spend some time out of doors. Settle down to business at about 11 a.m. and work through to 7 pm. While you're doing this, remember all those poor nine-to-fivers who can't enjoy such a flexible schedule!

2. Break up your work day into sections. Feeling blocked, and/or restless? Don't fight it. Sitting there for hours trying to get things accomplished when you just can't concentrate is only going to makerepparttar 135798 problem worse. Spend a couple of hours doing work, and then if you need to, take some time out to clear your head. Chances are, when you return, you'll be primed for productivity. And don't forget that sometimesrepparttar 135799 greatest ideas are born whenrepparttar 135800 sun goes down!

3. Take a vacation. Sometimes you just have to give your body what it's asking for: a rest! If work is overwhelming you torepparttar 135801 point that you just want to get in your car and drive away, then maybe that's what you should do. Even just a few days away fromrepparttar 135802 computer will do wonders for your mind, body and spirit. Take a long weekend for a scenic retreat. You'll be amazed at how much better you feel when you get back!

4. Start setting goals on paper. If you aren't doing this already,repparttar 135803 spring season is a great time to get intorepparttar 135804 habit of setting practical goals. Having that list you can check off is a really handy way to be efficient. It's sort of like being inrepparttar 135805 grocery store when you aren't inrepparttar 135806 mood to go shopping! Write downrepparttar 135807 things you need to accomplish and set a completion date (or time) for each task. Set small goals overrepparttar 135808 course of a work week, and bigger goals over a span of a month or two. Refer back to your list frequently, and don't forget to reward yourself for your accomplishments. You'll soon come to realize: goal-setting really helps keep you on track!

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