Protocols of Sion #3

Written by Robert Bruce Baird

Author Konrad Heiden, an anti-Nazi contemporary of Hitler, while denyingrepparttar authenticity ofrepparttar 149971 Protocols, also saw a certain reality there. 'Todayrepparttar 149972 forgery is incontrovertibly proved, yet something infinitely significant has remained: a textbook of world domination...repparttar 149973 great principle of inequality fights to preserve its rule; {Isrepparttar 149974 principle of inequality behind Nietzsche's 'radical aristocracy'?}repparttar 149975 ruling class philosophy of a natural hierarchy, of innate differences between men. Once this principle is expressed inrepparttar 149976 form of historical events, it also soon assumesrepparttar 149977 aspect of conspiracy... {Thusrepparttar 149978 actual historical record is admitted to demonstraterepparttar 149979 league of Hegelian/Machiavellian/ Fukayama/Hobbesian/Wagnerians is at leastrepparttar 149980 neo-Platonic similarity and real lock-step 'old boy network' that refutes any concept of Love and Brotherhood egalitarianism. Yet some call people like me conspiratorialists for pointing these real facts out?}The spirit ofrepparttar 149981 Protocols, therefore, contains historical truth, though allrepparttar 149982 facts put forward in them are forgeries.'

It isrepparttar 149983 possibility of “historical truth" which has keptrepparttar 149984 Protocols in circulation since its inception. Today, modern conspiracy writers see it as a real program predating Nazism or Communism. Some claimrepparttar 149985 Frenchman Joly simply incorporated in his book concepts he picked up as a secret society member. Author David Icke saw a ‘remarkable resemblance' betweenrepparttar 149986 Protocols and confiscated secret documents ofrepparttar 149987 mysterious Bavarian Illuminati ofrepparttar 149988 late eighteenth century. 'I call themrepparttar 149989 Illuminati Protocols,' wrote Icke, with some justification consideringrepparttar 149990 numerous Masonic references in them.

The authors of The Holy Blood andrepparttar 149991 Holy Grail had an even more intriguing take onrepparttar 149992 Protocols. They notedrepparttar 149993 original Nilus edition contained references to a king as well as a "Masonic kingdom," concepts clearly not of Jewish origin. {I think a lot of Masonry is indeed connected to Noahdist Hebrew rituals.} Furthermore, it concluded withrepparttar 149994 statement, ‘Signed byrepparttar 149995 representatives of Sion ofrepparttar 149996 33rd degree.’…

The Protocols may indeed reflect a deeper conspiracy beyond its intended use to encourage anti-Semitism, one hidden withinrepparttar 149997 secret upper ranks ofrepparttar 149998 Illuminati and Freemasonry.

Inrepparttar 149999 summer of 1917 a young Estonian Jew {Was he a Jew or a Benjaminite/ Merovingian?} named Alfred Rosenberg was a student in Moscow where he was given a copy ofrepparttar 150000 Protocols by a stranger. Followingrepparttar 150001 Russian Revolutionrepparttar 150002 following year,repparttar 150003 anti-Bolshevik Rosenberg fled to Germany where he usedrepparttar 150004 book to gain entry to a secret society in Munich, a move which was to have far-reaching effects forrepparttar 150005 world.

Protocols of Sion #1

Written by Robert Bruce Baird

The Protocols may not be genuine but that does not mean they do not correctly staterepparttar plan or policy ofrepparttar 149970 Priory and other elite planning cadre.

The whole issue ofrepparttar 149971 Cold War and JFK orrepparttar 149972 Allende assassinations that are now well known, are justrepparttar 149973 tip ofrepparttar 149974 iceberg. Jim Marrs brings us some great insights in this quote that you MUST pay close attention to if you think you want to bring children into this world. Former CIA Director Woolsey has admitted America intends to continuerepparttar 149975 plan of World Domination.

"Added to these incomprehensible orders restricting military options, wasrepparttar 149976 amazing fact that Russian commanders were runningrepparttar 149977 conflict on both sides. Underrepparttar 149978 agreement at Yalta and due to their supplying North Korea with military hardware and technology, Soviet military officers were largely in control ofrepparttar 149979 war. Author Epperson; cited a Pentagon press release which identified two Soviet officers as being in charge of movements acrossrepparttar 149980 Thirty-eight Parallel. One, a General Vasilev, actually was overheard givingrepparttar 149981 order to attack on June 25, 1951.

General Vasilev's chain of command reached from Korea to Moscow torepparttar 149982 UN Undersecretary General for Political and Security Council Affairs. At this same time, General Macarthur’s chain of command went through President Truman torepparttar 149983 UN Undersecretary General for Political and Security Council Affairs, an office held at that time by Russian Constantine Zinchenko. This meant that Soviet officers were overseeingrepparttar 149984 North Korean war strategy while reporting back to a fellow Soviet officer inrepparttar 149985 same UN office that coordinatedrepparttar 149986 allied war effort.

'In effect,repparttar 149987 Communists were directing both sides ofrepparttar 149988 war.' wrote author Griffin. What past conspiracy authors failed to consider wasrepparttar 149989 evidence that Communist Russia was financed and controlled fromrepparttar 149990 beginning byrepparttar 149991 inner circle of America's modern secret societies.

The war finally settled into a stalemate which ended with an armistice signed on July 27, 1953, six months after General Dwight Eisenhower had become president ofrepparttar 149992 U.S.

{It is a MUST that all people read his exit speech and warnings aboutrepparttar 149993 armaments manufacturing complex. It is shown in part onrepparttar 149994 scroll leading inrepparttar 149995 Oliver Stone's movie! Then you should read Reagan's exit speech to see what he refers to asrepparttar 149996 'Iron Triangle' andrepparttar 149997 comparison he makes withrepparttar 149998 Soviet Politburo etc.}

Macarthur, noting that forrepparttar 149999 first time in its military history,repparttar 150000 United States had failed to achieve victory, {Not true if you look to Osceola andrepparttar 150001 Seminoles. My father credited Osceola as one ofrepparttar 150002 greatest military mindsrepparttar 150003 world ever saw. My father was a member ofrepparttar 150004 'black market' under Vanier andrepparttar 150005 U.S. 'black market' was run [inrepparttar 150006 field] by Eisenhower. The real 'black market' isrepparttar 150007 government/armaments manufacturer/bureaucracy that Reagan hones our focus upon. Baruch is a key element or paladin in this effort. We will seerepparttar 150008 Thuleans of Prince Bernhard who createdrepparttar 150009 Bilderbergs shortly.} was later to state, 'Never before has this nation been engaged in mortal combat with a hostile power without military objective, without policy other than restrictions governing operations, or indeed even formally recognizing a state of war.' This set a precedent inrepparttar 150010 United States which continues to haunt us to this day.

But was there again a hidden purpose to this seemingly pointless conflict, one that reached intorepparttar 150011 upper circles ofrepparttar 150012 secret societies? A 1952 'Foreign Affairs' article explained, 'The meaning of our experience in Korea as I see it, is that we have made historic progress towardrepparttar 150013 establishment of a viable system of collective security.' So Korea was another step forward in realizingrepparttar 150014 CFR {Council on Foreign Relations which is associated with Georgetown University and included participation of foreign ministers from all free world nations.} goals of one-world government backed by a unified military command as withrepparttar 150015 North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). {And in line with Keynesian type economics of waste and war.} CFR member Dean Acheson later admitted, 'The only reason I toldrepparttar 150016 President to fight in Korea was to validate NATO.'

Both NATO andrepparttar 150017 United Nations resulted fromrepparttar 150018 most momentous event ofrepparttar 150019 twentieth century - World War II - and once againrepparttar 150020 diligent researcher findsrepparttar 150021 unmistakable imprint ofrepparttar 150022 secret societies. {Nazism was not just in Germany when viewed as tyranny exerted by small groups intent on order and control.}


As hard to believe as it may be for Americans brought up on wartime propaganda films and publications devoted to war technology and battles, World War II was largelyrepparttar 150023 result of infighting between secret occult societies composed of wealthy businessmen that eventually led to international tensions that provoked open warfare.

As in other conflicts,repparttar 150024 manipulation and influence of these societies is found inrepparttar 150025 origins and finances ofrepparttar 150026 war, not onrepparttar 150027 battlefields {Where cannon and earlier sword fodder play a small role inrepparttar 150028 debate.}. Abundant evidence now exists indicating that World War II was brought about by agents and members of secret societies connected torepparttar 150029 Illuminati and Freemasonry in both Germany and Britain. It was in this "good war", thatrepparttar 150030 older mystic societies seeking freedom from both church and state merged withrepparttar 150031 modern secret societies concerned primarily with wealth, power and control.

'Sir Winston Churchill himself was insistent thatrepparttar 150032 occultism ofrepparttar 150033 Nazi Party should not under any circumstances be revealed torepparttar 150034 general public.' wrote author Trevor Ravenscroft, who claimed to have worked closely with Dr. Walter Johannes Stein, a confidential adviser to Churchill. {I've seen a photo taken at Blenheim Palace ofrepparttar 150035 investiture of Churchill into a later day revival or plagiarization ofrepparttar 150036 Druids. I believe it was in The Druids by Peter Berresford Ellis. Churchill is also of Iroquois blood and we've developedrepparttar 150037 90 degree change in hairstyle ofrepparttar 150038 Iroquois to high Druid in other places as we try to show how culturally connectedrepparttar 150039 world truly was and is.} 'The failure ofrepparttar 150040 Nuremberg Trials to identifyrepparttar 150041 nature ofrepparttar 150042 evil at work behindrepparttar 150043 outer facade of National Socialism convinced him that another three decades must pass before a large enough readership would be present to comprehendrepparttar 150044 initiation rites and black magic practices ofrepparttar 150045 inner core of Nazi leadership.'

This remarkable Statement was corroborated by Airey Neave, one ofrepparttar 150046 postwar Nuremberg prosecutors, who saidrepparttar 150047 occult aspect of Nazi activities was ruled inadmissable becauserepparttar 150048 tribunal feared bothrepparttar 150049 psychological and spiritual implications inrepparttar 150050 Western nations. {Can you say mind-control and deceit by their own efforts starting at Tavistock and including Crowley and Hubbard as we've shown?} They also thought that such beliefs, so contrary to public rationalism, might be used to mount an insanity defense for Nazi leaders.

{And if today you find soldiers with implants or thought cloning psy-ops do things they wouldn't normally do, should they be held responsible? The real possibility ofrepparttar 150051 use of these more effective technologies upon unsuspecting citizens or Scientologists has dramatically impactedrepparttar 150052 life of my younger brother and my niece.}

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