Protein Won't Make You Fat: Myth #1

Written by Marc David

How many magazines have you read where they tell you to take in X grams of protein? How many times have you see .75g of protein per lb of bodyweight or 1g maybe 1.5 forrepparttar advanced athlete or better yet 2g forrepparttar 142082 guy who really wants to grow!

All of those calculations may or may not be correct but it depends on YOU!

FACT: The #1 protein mistake people make is: They ingest more then they need.

MYTH: Any excess won't be stored as fat so it doesn't matter.

That's right a formula needs some input to make it work for you. So here's how you can quickly and easily figure out how much protein you need. Keep in mind that protein has calories. And while it's true that protein isn't as easily stored as fat there still remainsrepparttar 142083 truth that your body only needs so many extra calories to grow.

Any excess just don't disappear.

It gets stored. As fat.

And that can and will include protein.

Ingesting 10x more then you need will not make your muscles any larger but it might add to your abdominal area in a way you wish it didn't. So figure out how much protein you need and eliminaterepparttar 142084 excess calories that can potentially just turn into fat storage.

Protein Calculation Formula:

The secret to figuring out how much protein you need is not by just taking some number you found like 30g and apply it to yourself. If everybody hadrepparttar 142085 same needs we would all berepparttar 142086 same. And we both know that just isn't true. Each person is slightly different.

Let me explain. We've all heard that a person can only digest 25-30g of protein in one sitting. B.S.!

Just think about it. Does an IFBB professional bodybuilder intakerepparttar 142087 same amount of protein asrepparttar 142088 guy who's 135 lbs just starting out? Even if there is a 200 lb weight difference?

The answer might shock you. NO

Needless to say, so many people just take some number, multiply that by their body weight and that's what they think they need a day. Tell me, if a person is 35% body fat, should they use their weight or their lean weight to figure out how much protein they need?

Simple. Lean weight. Your daily protein requirements are based on your lean body weight. And how do you figure out your lean body weight?


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Carbohydrates arerepparttar bodies source of fuel which can be loosely compared to a car or lawnmower when they use fuel.

You might wonder why carbohydrates can produce energy and it's because carbohydrates consist of sugars and starch. And when foods consist of a high level of carbohydrates it givesrepparttar 141999 body a rush of energy. For example foods like breads and grains have high levels of carbohydrates and when consumed they give your body carbohydrates that can be converted into energy.

But you might wonder well what happens when we don't use allrepparttar 142000 fuel that these carbohydrates provide for us. Wellrepparttar 142001 body converts it into glycogen which stays stored inrepparttar 142002 liver and muscles to be used for energy. But this is not always a good thing because when your body can't store anymore glycogen inrepparttar 142003 body it turns it into fat.

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