Protective accessories for your cell phone

Written by Tim Gorman

Like most electronic devices, cell phones are remarkably fragile. Your cellular phone needs to be protected from water, extreme temperatures, scratches, and unnecessary falls. Luckily, a wide selection of cellular accessories is available to help you keep your cell phone looking and acting like new.

The first line of defense against cell phone damage is a protective case. Protective cases are useful cellular accessories because they protect your phone from dust and damage while maintaining all of its functionality. If you frequently carry your phone in your purse or pockets, it can be easily damaged by keys or other sharp objects. Forrepparttar somewhat clumsy cell phone user, protective cases are valuable cellular accessories that offer an extra layer of cushioning if your phone is accidentally dropped. Protective cases are normally made of leather, although cases made from neoprene offer better protection against water damage. Cases come in many different colors and styles to suit your personal tastes. Prices for these cellular accessories usually range from $10 to $25. Like most cellular accessories, protective cases are designed for specific models of cell phones.

Donate your old cellular phone to support a worthy cause

Written by Tim Gorman

With new features being added to cellular phones at an incredible rate, you may be considering upgrading your phone to a newer model. If you want to use your phone to send e-mail, take pictures, play games, or accessrepparttar Internet, a new cellular phone can be an appealing option. As an added benefit, you can also donate your old phone to one of several worthy causes.

Charitable organizations that serve abused women are in desperate need of old cellular phones. The phones are refurbished and given to victims of domestic violence to provide emergency access to potentially lifesaving services. Call to Protect and Verizon Wireless HopeLine are two examples of charitable organizations that will accept unwanted cellular phones for this purpose. Unlike many other charitable organizations, Call to Protect will even accept a non-working cellular phone.

Many schools and community groups participate in PhoneRaiser, a unique fundraising program that allows participants to collect old cellular phones and donaterepparttar 146399 proceeds to a charity of their choice. PhoneRaising is sponsored byrepparttar 146400 CTIA Wireless Foundation,repparttar 146401 wireless industry’s philanthropic organization.

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