Protecting Your Limestone Floor Investment

Written by Edward Green

Protecting Your Limestone Floor Investment

By Edward Green

There are many types of limestone. These vary a great deal in terms of porosity and hardness, as well as in colour and texture. However limestone, although very hard wearing and durable is porous and therefore prone to staining. Limestone is also not resistant to acid and harsh cleaning products, as well as spillages of acidic soft drinks, fruit juices, wine and vinegar etc can all damagerepparttar stone. The Limestone Treatment System protects limestone against such damage and ensures that it stays looking its best withrepparttar 100454 least possible effort.


All new porous limestone floors need to be sealed either before fixing or before grouting with a suitable Impregnator. Our product offers a free 15 year performance warranty which means ifrepparttar 100455 sealer doesn't stop staining we will come back free of charge and apply more sealant to stop staining. We have only had 1 callback for more protection out of literally hundreds of projects. The coverage is around 4 - 8 m2 per litre. We offerrepparttar 100456 application process but you can apply it yourself if you want to. Apply as many coats as can absorbed. These will reducerepparttar 100457 porosity which not only helps protect against staining, but also enhancesrepparttar 100458 natural beauty ofrepparttar 100459 material and acts asrepparttar 100460 foundation forrepparttar 100461 surface finish.

If you decide to gorepparttar 100462 DIY route please make sure you evenly coverrepparttar 100463 tile withrepparttar 100464 impregnator. Once it becomes nearly dry you will need to wiperepparttar 100465 tile with a clean white terry cloth to get an even texture acrossrepparttar 100466 tile, this is very important. Always work in one direction and not in a haphazard fashion as streaks will appear.

Geomantic Rules in the Living Room

Written by Jheng-Syong Chen

Chinese people attach importance torepparttar science of Geomancy - study ofrepparttar 100450 influence of landscape (hills, river, layout of land or house) on people and their fortunes. Most people ask geomancers to choose good and propitious sites for houses or ancestors' graves. The rules of Geomancy are made fromrepparttar 100451 ancients' wide-spreading experiences of life. Some people think of Geomancy as superstition, because they don't understand it. Now we can give reasonable explanations torepparttar 100452 rules of Geomancy. On Geomantic theory,repparttar 100453 living room isrepparttar 100454 most important room in our house. The Geomancy of living room affects us many things, such as family members' health, relations between a husband and a wife, luck in making money and so on. Today we talk about geomantic rules inrepparttar 100455 living room.

Don't Put a Sofa under a Crossbeam.

A crossbeam bear a heavy burden of a house. If you sit under it, you will also bearrepparttar 100456 invisible stress. The situation will affect your health. For example, you maybe usually have a headache and feel nervous.

Don't Put any Sharp-pointed Decoration.

Sharp-pointed decorations are dangerous and cause your mental violent status. They will result in quarrels and acts of violence. You should avoid to hang sharp-pointed decorations on wall, such as swords and animal specimens. Besides that, you shouldn't furnish your living room with angled lamps or angled ornaments.

Don't Hang Pictures of Savage Beast on Walls.

Pictures of savage beast - tigers, lions, leopards, dragons, eagles, bears - also cause your mental violent status and will conduce to quarrels and acts of violence. You had better hang propitious and meaningful pictures instead of them.

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