Protecting Our Vulnerable Elders "That Horrible Lady"

Written by Barbara Mascio

Ruth has lived quiterepparttar life, one full of its ups and downs. She is quick to point out that she has learned to seerepparttar 132447 good in everything. That is untilrepparttar 132448 subject of ‘that horrible lady’ comes up.

Ruth isrepparttar 132449 matriarch of a dear and loving family, though she doesn’t see them as often as she would like.

“Sincerepparttar 132450 children moved from Parma to start their own lives, it’s hard. They are so busy …”

Ruth wasrepparttar 132451 primary care provider for her husband Henry until he passed away in 1997. Ruth has spent most of her life as a care provider, always giving. She wasrepparttar 132452 eldest of five children, ‘… in those days, it was expected thatrepparttar 132453 daughters help withrepparttar 132454 younger ones and withrepparttar 132455 household chores…’ she reminisced with me as we leafed throughrepparttar 132456 family photo album.

Ruth is 87 years old this year and has been living alone since 1997. She is in good health, howeverrepparttar 132457 daily chores aroundrepparttar 132458 home were becoming increasingly difficult. She decided to hire help. Ruth turned to her church bulletin and found a ‘Home Care Company’ advertised.

“The ad was inrepparttar 132459 church bulletin, I assumed this was a good company,” her voice cracking fromrepparttar 132460 pain and embarrassment this service eventually caused her.

Ruth is not alone inrepparttar 132461 fact that she is widowed and lives alone. According torepparttar 132462 ‘2002 A Profile of Older Americans’ published byrepparttar 132463 Administration on Aging ( 41% of women age 65 and over, are widowed and live alone.

Unfortunately, Ruth is also not alone inrepparttar 132464 fact that she became victim to fraud. According to U.S. Senator Larry Craig, ranking member ofrepparttar 132465 U.S. Senate Special Committee on Aging, ‘Vulnerable elders are being abused, neglected and exploited within their own homes and communities at an a alarming rate.’ But, not in Parma, right? Wrong.

The man who would be Canute.

Written by Malcolm Pugh

Blaring out overrepparttar sea.

There once was a man who was ultra cute, Who convinced his Boss that he was really Canute, That he could quell insurgance just with his voice, And use of phrases this mentor deemed choice, And Lo how it worked,repparttar 132444 sea did not reach, Little realising others were movingrepparttar 132445 beach, And any dissenting tides that appeared, Were carefully stained and receded quite smeared, Any overt threat of a rogue wave to break, Was flattened out early, and seen as a mistake, But thenrepparttar 132446 mentor was not there any more, Leavingrepparttar 132447 King quite alone onrepparttar 132448 shore,

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