Protecting America with Specialty Gases

Written by Bob Davis

Prior to 9/11, environmental concerns largely focused on monitoring, controlling and reducingrepparttar pollutionrepparttar 136552 industrial revolution had set in motion. From a specialty gas point of view, our efforts at Scott focused primarily on developingrepparttar 136553 calibration gases needed to accurately measurerepparttar 136554 emission of hazardous materials into our atmosphere. Overrepparttar 136555 span of 40+ years, we got very good at this, becomingrepparttar 136556 world’s leading supplier of EPA protocol gases used to calibrate Continuous Emission Monitors. Essentially, our role as specialty gas experts involved helping to protect our country fromrepparttar 136557 unintentional health and environmental hazards of our industrialized society. Call us naive, but we never imagined we’d be asked to develop calibration gases to protect against deliberate attempts to destroy our society itself. Certainly we were familiar with a growing list of known TICs (toxic industrial chemicals) andrepparttar 136558 need to accurately monitor them. They arerepparttar 136559 unhappy byproducts of industrialization. After 9/11 however, a new acronym crept into our everyday vocabulary: CWAs (chemical warfare agents).

How to Ensure Quality Control with CO2 Analytical Support

Written by Leanne Merz

Calibration standards, performance audits, andrepparttar FDA's never-ending safety, labeling, and inspection requirements are justrepparttar 136551 tip ofrepparttar 136552 iceberg when it comes to dealing withrepparttar 136553 increasingly stringent quality control standards ofrepparttar 136554 beverage industry. As these quality standards become stricter, beverage producers are increasingly called upon to get products to market faster using fewer resources, while simultaneously managing ingredient quality, and ultimately, risk.

Mix rigorous regulations and mounting market challenges with exploding competition andrepparttar 136555 opportunity for enormous economic reward, and it becomes obvious that products must be perfectrepparttar 136556 first time around to fulfill production requirements, comply with distribution standards, and ultimately provide each consumer withrepparttar 136557 exact same exceptional product every time.

All of which makes quality control more necessary than ever.

Quality Assurance inrepparttar 136558 beverage industry starts by ensuring that top quality gases are used to performrepparttar 136559 carbonation process and continues throughrepparttar 136560 bottling and distributing process with a high-tech quality control examination.

Onrepparttar 136561 top ofrepparttar 136562 list of gases regulated inrepparttar 136563 world of drink is carbon dioxide (CO2), one ofrepparttar 136564 main components of many ofrepparttar 136565 beverages produced today, including soda, beer, sparkling water, and sports drinks. CO2 has also become a major constituent of orange juice through supercritical CO2 processing during pasteurization and has even enteredrepparttar 136566 world of dairy withrepparttar 136567 addition of "Refreshing Power Milk," a new carbonated milk hybrid, torepparttar 136568 refreshments market.

Leading beverage manufacturers in this $700 billion industry are takingrepparttar 136569 critical step to ensure purity of beverage-grade CO2 by using analytical support gases and quality assurance services. Since ensuring purity of CO2 is such a crucial factor inrepparttar 136570 beverage production process, choosing a specialty gas company to provide purification, calibration, and cross-reference services for your products should be a priority.

Keep in mind that specialty gas companies outside ofrepparttar 136571 beverage industry hold a uniquely favorable position as authoritative and neutral third-party qualifiers. These companies provide experience in developing trace contaminant calibration standards as well as independence fromrepparttar 136572 supply and certification of beverage grade CO2, which helps to ensure unbiased statistical and graphical reporting.

Regardless ofrepparttar 136573 industry from whichrepparttar 136574 service company originates, it is vital that it provides specialized service inrepparttar 136575 CO2 industry and adheres to industry standards on commercial quality with regard to CO2.

Some more guidelines to consider when choosing a Quality Control Specialty Gas Service:

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