Protect your pets from the pound

Written by Donald Lee

Pets are people, too. At least, thatísrepparttar way they should be treated by their owners. The sad reality, though, is that a lot people own pets when theyíre really not ready to care properly for their little furry friends. Or they just donít know how to love, clean, and treat a cat, dog, or other animalrepparttar 148409 right and humane way. What happens to these poor animals? Many end up in shelters, lost and unwantedótorepparttar 148410 tune of 6 to 8 million every year according torepparttar 148411 Humane Society. At least half of those end up being ďput to sleep,Ē to put it nicely.

When they first start out looking to buy a pet, everyone says that they arenít like that, that they wonít have their pet end up caged in a pound somewhere. If you want to be one ofrepparttar 148412 people who says this and means it, read on. Your commitment shows you are ready to learn how to own a pet. Once you are trained inrepparttar 148413 following pet ownership basics, then you can takerepparttar 148414 next step and findrepparttar 148415 perfect pet for you.

But before you meet this furry companion, take these following tips to heart:

Go downrepparttar 148416 list of required health-care needs. This is especially important for puppies and kittens, who need an arsenal of vaccinations when theyíre little. But even older pets require regular checkups andrepparttar 148417 occasional medication (such as for heartworms for dogs). Before you get a pet, locate a trusted veterinarian in your neighborhood and go over all of your soon-to-be petís health needs.

Neuter, neuter, neuter. Point blank, this is one ofrepparttar 148418 most crucial things you can do to protect your petís health. Remember that number above fromrepparttar 148419 Humane Society (6 to 8 million pets in cages)? Now consider that as many as 100 million other animals, mostly cats, live onrepparttar 148420 streets. Why? Their mommies and daddies werenít neutered.

Look into insurance. Believe it or not, pet health insurance is allrepparttar 148421 craze in employer benefits packages. Thatís because it comes in very handy nowadays, consideringrepparttar 148422 importance of pet health and how pet pills and operations seem to be getting just as pricy as people medicine. Even if you donít get pet insurance through work, look into a package on your own. While youíre at it, consider third-party liability insurance, too, especially for instances such as dog bites.

Tabulaterepparttar 148423 grocery tab. Perhapsrepparttar 148424 number one thing people donít realize when getting a pet is how expensive their food can be. Figure out just how much your pet will eat before you get it, planning always to provide your critter more than enough in proper and balanced meals. Ask yourself, ďCan I afford this?Ē

Dog Vomiting? Help your dog now

Written by Chris Suckow, DVM

In most cases you should not be too concerned about your dog vomiting. If you know thatrepparttar dog got into something or you changed its diet, you can probably wait 24 hours to see ifrepparttar 148382 vomiting clears up, but only ifrepparttar 148383 dog does not appear lethargic.

You must withhold food for 24 hours and then gradually start a bland diet. If at any timerepparttar 148384 dog becomes worse please see your veterinarian

If your dog has been vomiting continually for more than 1 hour or if he as been vomiting on and off for 24 hours, it is severe and you should bring him in to seerepparttar 148385 doctor.

Vomiting can have lots of causes. Sometimesrepparttar 148386 cause can be straightforward. An easy indication maybe what wasrepparttar 148387 petís last meal.

Sometimesrepparttar 148388 consistency ofrepparttar 148389 vomit may indicate whatís wrong.

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