Protect Yourself From Scams - Do a Little Homework!

Written by Joe Reinbold

SCAM - - a fraudulent or deceptive act or operation...

We are all afraid that some business we get into might turn out to be a scam. But sometimesrepparttar personal needs of individuals outweighrepparttar 127577 thought process needed to recognize that something could be fraudulent. Many people are looking for ways to make extra money andrepparttar 127578 Internet can provide many ways to accomplish that need. But it can also provide an easy vehicle for individuals to lose their hard earned dollars.

We recently did some research on a program that we were interested in and found thatrepparttar 127579 entire operation was quite questionable. While we couldn't prove that it was outright fraudulent at this point, we saw enough risks to say no, we are going to put up any money. We also advisedrepparttar 127580 90+ people who joined based on our referral and most have told us that they are passing it up too.

Sometimes all it takes is to do a little checking on your own behalf. Sure it takes time but if you invest a little of that time up front you may save a lot of future headaches. Sometimes when you do a couple of checks you may find that a lot ofrepparttar 127581 work has already been done for you and is posted on sites that are available for your review.

The following are some sites and suggestions you might consider in checking that program out that you are considering. These are by no means all that are out there. You can go to one ofrepparttar 127582 major search engines and search on scams and find many more resources.

Victims Against Scams

International Council of Online Professionals

In an effort to keep fraudsters from slipping throughrepparttar 127583 cracks,repparttar 127584 US government has created The Sentinel. It's an online database of all sorts of information regarding Internet scams and fraud.

The Better Business Bureau Online

Internet ScamBusters

The National Fraud Information Center

The Federal Trade Commission


Written by Patrick Tan

Everyone loves bargains. Shoppers will flock to your site if you can offer quality branded goods at deep discounts. Not only that, these shoppers would be more than eager to share their best buys with friends, colleagues and relatives. They may even volunteer to buy on behalf of those who do not have access torepparttar Internet.

Studies have shown that online shoppers are more price-sensitive. A look atrepparttar 127576 financial statements of listed online retailers revealed an unhealthy trend - cost of sales is much higher than revenue. In other words, most online retailers are resorting to cut throat pricing to increase sales.

While analysts pointed their fingers at new competitive pressures presented by companies that help buyers compare prices online, I believe consumers are simply not motivated enough to make more purchases online if stores do not offer their products at below regular retail prices. Inrepparttar 127577 impersonal environment of an electronic store, consumers' inherent desires to seek out good bargains become a dominant factor in deciding what and where to buy online.

How could you sell quality branded goods at 50% off without losing money? Quite simply by securing alternative sources of products. Many manufacturers and wholesalers are flooded with overstocked and surplus goods in their warehouses. They must liquidate millions of dollars worth of top quality merchandise at "distressed" prices every month to make room for new products.

Merchandise can become "distressed" for several reasons: + Overstocked goods are sold as closeouts. + New models make previous models obsolete. + A product line is discontinued. + Changes made torepparttar 127578 product's color or label. + A large contract order is cancelled. + A manufacturer is forced to close and must liquidate its goods. + A manufacturer is forced to liquidate its goods to generate operating capital quickly. + A manufacturer has limited warehousing space and must move its inventory to make room for new merchandise. + Refurbished products that are as good as new. + Product over-runs.

Whateverrepparttar 127579 reasons, "distressed" goods are still quality products and they carryrepparttar 127580 full manufacturer's warranties just likerepparttar 127581 regular goods.

Most of these "distressed" products are bought by wholesale clubs and online discount stores at prices way below manufacturing costs. Although these products are resold at discounted prices,repparttar 127582 profit margins would still be fairly comfortable to turn in good profits with a high sales turnover. Online discount stores that adopt this business model includes NASDAQ-listed FragranceNet,,, and

You do not have to operate inrepparttar 127583 same scale as these online discount stores. Neither do you haverepparttar 127584 warehousing facilities and resources to compete with these established discount stores. Acting as an affiliate of these discount stores will not work either, as shoppers would have gone torepparttar 127585 online stores directly on subsequent visits.

The objective of offering bargains to your target audience is to entice them to visit your site as often as possible. Its acceptance will open up many other opportunities to sell your key products and services. A viable approach for small businesses is outlined below.

Adopt a highly selective product strategy. ---------------------------------------------------------- Keep your business simple by staying focus on one product or a narrow range of products that are complementary to what you are offering at your site. Treatrepparttar 127586 business as a form of providing value-added service to attract and retain visitors to your site.

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