Prostatitis: What Is It?

Written by Loring A. Windblad

When I was just a young lad of 29 or so I was a married "career military man" and came down on orders to go to Vietnam, an assignment to a combat zone which meant my wife and I would be separated. I had been married only 4 years at this time and still qualified as an idealistic, as well as naive, young married man. SoÖ..I determined that I would abstain from sex forrepparttar time I was gone, being totally faithful to my wife.

Byrepparttar 145223 time I had been in Vietnam for 6 months several things had happened. I wanted to get out ofrepparttar 145224 service and go to college, so talked it over with my wife: decision? To stay in service. Now faced with being a "career solder" I extended my tour of duty for a chance at a promotion which would be relatively easy to get in Vietnam and much more difficult elsewhere. I also began experiencing some "twinges" and "shooting pains" inrepparttar 145225 groin area - mostly like there was a needle inserted and someone "gave it a twirl"! They happened maybe once a week, twice a week, at first, and very mild.

Time passed. I remained not only physically faithful to my wife, I also abstained from masturbation. Andrepparttar 145226 pains both increased in intensity and in frequency. Byrepparttar 145227 time I had been in Vietnam for 10 months I was having severe pains many times a day and I had received a letter from my wife asking for a divorce because "she was pregnant and wanted to marryrepparttar 145228 other guy!" I dealt with it as best I could, finally talking it over with my Commanding Officer who put me on immediate Emergency Leave to go home and try to persuade my wife to stay with me.

I got home in mid-August. And, just as a precaution, I went torepparttar 145229 local military hospital and had a complete checkup, explaining in particularrepparttar 145230 shooting pains in my groin area. I returned later inrepparttar 145231 week to seerepparttar 145232 doctor and getrepparttar 145233 results ofrepparttar 145234 tests. That morning my wife announced, when we woke up, that she had decided: she wantedrepparttar 145235 divorce because.... The doctor said 'you are just fine, there's nothing wrong with you at all."

I said "Doc, I understand that there's nothing wrong with me. You have run allrepparttar 145236 tests and they came back just fine. But I keep having these pains" and I described them and how long I'd been having them and their increasing severity and frequency.

The doctor replied "Oh, That! Not to worry, itís justrepparttar 145237 old Hawaiian disease, 'lack-a-nookie'! You say you are home from Vietnam? (confirmed) Well,repparttar 145238 solution is simple, what you've got is prostatitis. You're young, so just regular sex a couple of times a week should take care of it and it'll go away with no permanent damage."

"How To Increase Your Net Worth By $20,000 to $100,000 On Every Real Estate Investing Deal You Do"

Written by Robert K. Lear

Consider these parameters for a real estate deal:

Property Value: $250,000 Purchase Price: $160,000 Repairs: $2,500

If you analyzerepparttar numbers, you see thatrepparttar 145222 equity available in this deal is $87,500 (Property Value minus Purchase Price minus Repairs).

So here's a hypothetical question for you: Assuming thatrepparttar 145223 information above is accurate, andrepparttar 145224 property is located in an area that you view as acceptable and/or favorable, then:

If I offered to give you this deal in exchange for $10,000 in cash, would you do it?

Remember - this is hypothetical. The real question here is this:

Would you exchange $10,000 in cash for $87,500 in equity?

For most smart investors,repparttar 145225 answer is: Absolutely YES!

And this is called "Wholesale Real Estate Investing" -repparttar 145226 process of buying a lot of equity at a very significant discount from another real estate investor who has already donerepparttar 145227 hard work of finding a deal and getting it under contract.

Just think about that - consider how easy real estate investing would be for you if you had a network of real estate investors in your area (and maybe all overrepparttar 145228 country) who, several times each month, offered yourepparttar 145229 opportunity to purchase significant amounts of equity for a severe discount...

...It would be quite easy to become wealthy, wouldn't it?

The answer is: Yes, it will.

You've got to admit - it will be a pretty wonderful thing when you know how to find great real estate deals in which you can trade a small amount of cash for a large amount of equity without even having to findrepparttar 145230 deal yourself...

...and that's exactly what wholesale real estate investing is all about.

Wholesale real estate investing is conceptually very simple. Here's how it works:

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