Proper E-mail Etiquette--Part II

Written by Dean Phillips

E-mail messages often contain abbreviations and acronyms in an attempt to save time, shorten messages or conserve bandwidth. Here are some common ones and their meanings:

BFN--bye for now

BTW--byrepparttar way

CUA--commonly used acronyms, common user access

FAQ--frequently asked question

FUD--(spreading) fear, uncertainty and disinformation

FWIW--for what it's worth

FYI--for your information

GR&D--grinning, running and ducking

HTH--hope this helps

IAE--in any event

IANAL--i am not a lawyer

IMCO--in my considered opinion

IMHO--in my humble opinion

IMNSHO--in my not so humble opinion

IMO--in my opinion

IOW--in other words

JAGR--just a gentle reminder

LOL--lots of luck, laughing out loud

MHOTY--my hat's off to you

NRN--no reply necessary

OIC--oh, i see

OOTB--out ofrepparttar 109525 box (brand new)

OTOH--onrepparttar 109526 other hand

OTTH--onrepparttar 109527 third hand

PMFJI--pardon me for jumping in

RFTM--readrepparttar 109528 funny manual

ROTFL--roll(ing) onrepparttar 109529 floor laughing (also ROF, L, ROFL)

RSN--real soon now (which may be a long time coming)

SITD--still inrepparttar 109530 dark

TANSTAAF--there ain't no such thing as a free lunch

NATE PERKINS LIVE! We're At A Crossroad. Talk To Me.

Written by LTC Nathaniel William Perkins, USA (Ret)


Catalogue #04-1434; ISBN 1-4120-3606-2

NATE PERKINS LIVE! is a compilation of six talk radio shows, including a DVD of four commercials, an info-commercial and photographs of family, friends, military comrades and mentors, newspaper and magazine articles about Perkins, information technology and businesses he created.

The six talk shows entail Perkins’ philosophy regarding education, employment, politics,repparttar military and community.

We’re at a crossroad! Talk to me aboutrepparttar 109524 ways in whichrepparttar 109525 Tom Joyner Morning Show degrades our parents, children, spouses, gays, military, employers, politicians, educators by making jokes about and laughing atrepparttar 109526 black community.

We’re at a crossroad! Talk to me aboutrepparttar 109527 limitations of sports being played by black men inrepparttar 109528 nation’s schools, which fail to require academic excellence along with prowess onrepparttar 109529 football, basketball and baseball fields. Should we outlaw sports in order to get our children a better education?

We’re at a crossroad! Talk to me about politics and military service. Why shouldn’t we admire Colin Powell, Clarence Thomas and Condoleesa Rice, when they fulfillrepparttar 109530 Dream of Martin Luther King, Jr. and so many other African Americans who died forrepparttar 109531 right for people like them to be in positions of authority and power inrepparttar 109532 United States Government?

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