Promotion Is The Key To Success

Written by David Bell

Initiallyrepparttar most important factor in attracting people to your site is its overall look and quality. We have changed our site several times since it was launched, each time updating and improving its content. The site must certainly not be static, it must be seen to be ever changing. It should be simple and clearly laid out and easy to navigate. Visitors don't want something that will take them too much time to get through as invariably they don't have that time! Promotion isrepparttar 134889 key to success and we are only just starting to learn what actually works and what doesn't. Email for instance is one that just won't reap rewards. There's no point in emailing anyone and everyone who you might think is interested. You may get one or two positive responses from 300 emails. Howeverrepparttar 134890 rest may never read or simply delete what you send. One way of emailing that we have found to be a success is to reply to people's questions, problems and thoughts within a newsgroup. There will be several, if not, many newsgroups that will match your target audience. You have to remember that newsgroups have rules and regulations, and that you can't just post blatant advertising. You may be found to be in breach of these rules and banned! E-mails must be targeted to reach your audience and not sent out randomly. People get upset if you send too much unsolicited junk mail! Another successful way of promoting your site via email is to use a signature file. This is a small and effective tool. It just involves leaving your name, URL, email address, telephone and fax numbers atrepparttar 134891 bottom of every email you send out. It is much easier for people to just click onto a URL than having to type it in, even if they have just a quick look. Flooding people with your site address is another must for companies promoting their web site. Put it anywhere and everywhere you think, on everything that is sent out. There are lots of promotional items that can be sent out with your URL on and these can be purchased relatively cheaply.

"Keep Your Audience"

Written by Deborah Anderson

It is one thing to get subscribers to your ezine or to get traffic to your web site, but it is quite another thing to keep your subscribers and visitors as your AUDIENCE.

You see, there is a difference between subscribers and an audience. Just as there is a difference between an unsubscribe and a non-interested subscriber. It is very important to keeprepparttar attention of your subscribers or visitors. If you lose their attention, you may lose it for good. Go back and read that sentence again. If you loserepparttar 125268 attention of your subscribers, you may not get it back.

You may have 10,000 subscribers or 40,000 visitors, but are they really seeing and reading what you have to offer? What good is it if they delete your ezine without reading it and surf right on through your web site without "seeing" it?

The fact that you are reading this article indicates thatrepparttar 125269 ezine publisher / editor or webmaster is doing a good job of keeping you interested (or you are bored and have nothing better to do). Now how does he/she do that? Well, stop and analyzerepparttar 125270 ezines or newsletters you are subscribed to. What aboutrepparttar 125271 bookmarks for your favorite web sites? Do you read all of them or visit all ofrepparttar 125272 web sites all ofrepparttar 125273 time? Why or why not?

Let's examine some ideas here:

1. Original Content Does your ezine or web site provide original content or is it regurgitated content from a compilation of other web sites? If this is your intent, present your ezine or web site as a list of resources. Don't try to be what you are not.

2. Relevant Content Is your web site focused on marketing? Well, then don't fill it with deep sea diving articles. You will confuse your readers.

3. Keep it consistent Oh, you don't feel like writing this week? You say you are just going to "throw together" your ezine to get it done with and publish a fantastic one next week? Go ahead, but you runrepparttar 125274 risk of losing your audience. One bad issue may cost yourepparttar 125275 attention of your subscribers, though they may take six months more to actually unsubscribe. . 4. Keep It Simple & Quick Don't try to re-writerepparttar 125276 encyclopedias in one issue. You will tire yourself out and not have anything left for your next issues. You will also tire your readers out and they may not takerepparttar 125277 desired time to finish reading. If you do provide a lot of information, break it into "bite-size" morsels.

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